How Does Your Brain Score? Take the Staying Sharp Brain Health Assessment

Understanding Coverage

Pick the Best Prescription Drug Plan for Your Needs

Consider if you fill all of your prescriptions at one pharmacy, or if you use several

'Extra Help' Paying for Prescriptions

On limited income, you may qualify for more assistance

Your Membership

Today's Hot Deals

Medicare Part D

Part 1: How Medicare Part D Works

Understanding the basics

Part 2: 'Extra Help' Paying for Prescriptions

"Extra Help" gives much more assistance to people with limited incomes than the regular program does.

Part 5: Choosing a Part D Drug Plan

How to find the one that's right for you

Protect Yourself

Dangerous Drug Shortages

Medication and prescription drug shortages in hospitals and pharmacies may impact patients

How to Protect Yourself From Online Pharmacy Fraud

You may be sent the wrong dose of medication, or no medication at all

My Personal Medication Record

Keep track of the prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs you use

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