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MyAssist: Lost Luggage

Avoiding Airport Theft

I lost my luggage.… Now what?!


Did you know that in 2009, the world's airlines lost a whopping 25 million pieces of passenger luggage? That's about 3,000 bags every hour of every day. The professionals at MyAssist are experts in travel-related issues and resolutions. And they know nothing can be more frustrating than to have your trip ruined or complicated by lost luggage. Here are MyAssist's six steps to help streamline the process of recovering your luggage, or, at worst, getting reimbursed for the loss:

MyAssist Step 1: Take a picture of your checked luggage with your cell phone or digital camera. Print it out and keep it with your passport or identification.

MyAssist Step 2: If your bag doesn't show up on the baggage carousel, look immediately for the airline's nearby baggage office and report it. Don't panic! Your bag may be delayed and coming in on another flight. Be sure to give the airline clerk your baggage stubs.

MyAssist Step 3: The clerk at the baggage claim window will track your bag on the computer first, using your bag stubs. If the bag isn't on another flight, make sure the clerk begins calling around to track it down or sends baggage handlers to look for it.

MyAssist Step 4: Describe your bags, and reference the pictures of your luggage. The clerk will next ask you to complete a claim form with pertinent personal information and the bag description. Keep a copy of your claim form to check progress. You'll then be told that the airline will look for your baggage and return it to you when it is found.

MyAssist Step 5: If the airline finds your bag, they'll contact you using the information on the claim form. If not, the airline will try to replace the lost luggage itself with the closest match possible. You're entitled to compensation — but it will vary by airline and is often subject to policy limits.

MyAssist Step 6: Be sure to ask if you'll be reimbursed if you buy replacements for items from your lost luggage, such as clothes and toothpaste, while you're traveling. And keep all receipts.

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