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Employer Pledge Program Resources

For Pledge Signers Only

Welcome to the AARP Employer Pledge Signers Only page. Here you can access exclusive resources, such as the Pledge Signer seal, tip sheets for your employees on retirement and caregiving topics, and guides to make promoting an age diverse workforce easy! Select the resource you want and download. If you have questions, please reach out to us at

Age-Inclusion Checklist

Making It Real With 2 In 2

To show your commitment, we’d like to encourage you to take two actions within the next two years. It’s something we think you’ll find both doable and rewarding. Look through the suggestions on the following pages—they range from immediate steps you can take, to more in-depth solutions your company can implement. If you’d like help getting started or following through on one of our suggestions, just contact us at, and we’ll be happy to help.

Pledge Signer Seal

Use the Pledge Signer Seal as a part of your recruitment strategy & materials. The seal comes in .png and jpeg files, and is available for download underneath the “Employer Pledge Signer Media Kit” below.

Usage Guidelines:

Employer may use the AARP Employer Pledge Signer seal only under the terms and conditions contained herein and for the period of time stated herein, unless specific exceptions are agreed to in writing by AARP and the employer. Specifically:    

A. The Pledge Signer seal may be used on the employer’s career/employment pages.

B. The Pledge Signer seal may be used on the employer’s home page, media or news page, or honors and recognition page, with the express written consent of AARP.

C. The Pledge Signer seal may be used in a print or electronic paid advertisement announcing that the employer has adopted the Pledge, subject to paragraph B above.

D. The employer shall not use the Pledge Signer seal in any manner that implies either an endorsement or “seal of approval” by AARP for its products and services.

E. The Pledge Signer seal may be used as a “badge” on the employer’s website, linking it directly to the AARP Employer Pledge Program website,

Employer Pledge Signer Media Kit

Thank you for joining the ongoing mission to hire the best people for the job — regardless of their age. A diverse workforce is a strong workforce — where everyone in the organization benefits. To help you promote this worthy cause, we have created a multi-channel media kit that includes sample copy for a press release, social media, website, and newsletter.

2021 Work & Jobs Employer Reports

2022 Work & Jobs Employer Reports

Older Workers and COVID-19 Employer Guide

The coronavirus pandemic has created tremendous upheaval in the workforce, and many employers are struggling to keep their businesses running. AARP believes that employees of all ages bring strengths that organizations can leverage as they navigate the crisis, both now and in the long term. [Download]

Remove Bias in Job Descriptions

One of the Level 1 items on our Employer Pledge Action List is reviewing your job descriptions for words that may discourage experienced workers from applying. Check out our guide for words to use and words to avoid, and don’t forget to complete steps 1 – 6 on your Employer Pledge Action List! [Download]

Employee Survey Template

Inform your workforce planning and company culture with direct insights from your employees. With our customizable employee survey ask your employees questions focused on productivity, engagement, retention and culture-specific to your company’s needs. Measure the results against your profitability and your operational and business data for a comprehensive picture. [Download]

Top Five Reasons to Hire 50+

This quick guide to the benefits of hiring older workers is a great piece for building the business case for recruiting and retaining experienced workers as part of your talent acquisition strategy.  Download the guide or find out how to order physical copies in the Employee Resources section below.

5 Smart Reasons to Hire 50+ (D20449)

Creating Quality Jobs: A Framework for the Multigenerational Workforce

College’s Center on Aging and Work to outline a framework for creating quality jobs within the context of a multigenerational workforce. This practical guide provides strategies and tactics business leaders and human resource executives can use to cultivate the conditions for inclusive and innovative organizations that offer opportunity for all generations — and that reap the rewards of a talented, engaged, diverse workforce. [Download]

Employee Resources

As an AARP Employer Pledge Signer, you can order a variety of tipsheets and guides for your employees at no cost. These resources cover topics ranging from saving and budgeting to retirement planning and preparing for caregiving.

Order Copies

To request copies (at no cost to you) for your employees, email us at  with the following information*:

  • Titles
  • Corresponding stock numbers
  • Quantity per title
  • Contact name & phone number
  • Company name and mailing address    

Tipsheets (Stock Numbers)

Building Financial Security: 5 Ways to Cut Costs (D20383)

Building Financial Security: The ABCs of 401(k)s (D20384)

Building Financial Security: Budgeting Worksheet (D20385)

Building Financial Security: Carrying Mortgage Debt Into Retirement? (D20386)

Building Financial Security: Get Debt Under Control (D20387)

Building Financial Security: Improving Your Credit (D20388)

Building Financial Security: No Money to Save? Think Again (D20389)

Building Financial Security: Section 529 College Savings Plans (D20390)

Building Financial Security: Social Security and Work (D20391)

Building Financial Security: Social Security: The Basics (D20392)

Building Financial Security: Social Security for Divorcees (D20393)

Building Financial Security: Social Security for Married Couples (D20394)

Building Financial Security: The Taxation of Social Security Benefits (D20395)

Building Financial Security: Timing Your Retirement: Things to Consider (D20396)

Building Financial Security: When to Claim Social Security (D20397)

Building Financial Security: Your Road to Retirement (D20398)

Building Financial Security: Delayed Retirement

Caregiving Guides (Stock Numbers)

Prepare to Care: A Planning Guide for Families-English (D20152)

Prepare to Care: A Planning Guide for Families-Spanish (D20154)

Prepare to Care: A Planning Guide for Families-Chinese (D20215)    

Prepare to Care: A Planning Guide for Families-Asian American/Pacific Islander (D20213)

Prepare to Care: A Planning Guide for Families-LGBTQ (D20328)

AARP Family Caregiving Guide - Lite-English (D20374)

AARP Family Caregiving Guide - Lite-Spanish (D20375)

Supporting Caregivers in the Workplace: A Practical Guide for Employers (D20353)    

Military Caregiving Guide For Veterans, Service Members and Their Families (D20474)