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Helping Employers Support and Retain Working Caregivers

One of every six employees in America is balancing work with a family caregiving responsibility. As our population ages and life expectancy lengthens, this number will increase significantly. As a nation, we are facing a caregiving cliff.

Employee caregivers span all job titles, ages, genders and ethnicities. In order to recruit and retain talented employees, employers must address the reality that many of their employees carry this extra burden.

Fortunately, employers have an opportunity to proactively address this looming issue in ways that benefit both their employees and their bottom lines. Implementing policies and programs that support caregiving employees can:

  • enhance workplace loyalty,
  • allow for recruitment and retention of talent,
  • boost productivity, and even
  • significantly increase company share prices.

AARP is here to help organizations take this important step toward creating a caregiving-friendly and increased-ROI workplace. 

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Tip Sheets: Caregiving, COVID-19 and the Workplace

Free resources available for employers and working family caregivers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tip sheets include employer-specific COVID-19 fact sheets, preparedness checklists for family caregivers and other timely resources.

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Something's Gotta Give

S&P Global, in partnership with AARP, conducted research that showed COVID-19 has put parental and family leave policies in the spotlight, and in many ways has helped accelerate the shift of companies adopting leave and more flexible work policies across the U.S. private sector.

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Free Toolkits for Employers

Supporting Caregivers: A Guide for Employers

A free toolkit that offers comprehensive information, checklists and handouts for employers to share across their company or organization.

Small Business Caregiving Online Resource Guide

This guide offers small business owners advice for tackling common challenges to create a workplace that is supportive of caregivers.

Supporting Military and Veteran Caregivers at Work

Working family caregivers of military service members face unique challenges. This resource offers guidance on how to assist them.

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Caregiving ERG Toolkit by the Elevate Team

The Employee Resources Group toolkit can help organizations learn to support the careers of employees with caregiving duties so they can thrive professionally.

How to Build A Caregiver-Friendly Culture

This online training course for managers and employees on caregiving and workplace flexibility will empower and equip managers with practical skills support working family caregivers.

On-Demand Workshops on Caregiving

Free on-demand workshops on caregiving to arm employers and working family caregivers with needed guidance and support.

Additional Programs and Resources

Schedule a Lunch and Learn: Connect with subject-matter experts and members of the caregiving team who will provide learning material in a web-based training environment, help you navigate resources and discuss frequently asked questions about caregiving and work. Contact for more information.

Request a Speaker: If you’d like AARP to present on topics related to working family caregivers, take advantage of our free tools and resources, or discuss strategies in which an employer or Human Resource professional can support working family caregivers while remaining competitive in today’s workforce, email to request.

Play the Do You Care Challenge: Virtually experience a day in the life of someone who is caring for a loved one. You will walk away with a better understanding of the joys and challenges of family caregiving and be better prepared to offer support to a friend, family member or colleague in this situation. Play the challenge.

Take the AARP Employer Pledge: Are you an employer interested in signing the AARP Employer Pledge? Sign the Pledge, and contact AARP for more details.

Download or Order Copies of Prepare to Care: AARP’s Caregiving Planning Guide for Families are available in English, Spanish and Chinese. There are also versions specifically tailored to Asian American, LGBT and Veteran and Military families. Share them with your employees.

Download: AARP Caregiving Financial Workbook: A Practical Guide Focused on Health, Housing, and Money for Family Caregivers helps family caregivers get organized financially. Each set of worksheets is designed for caregivers to capture the essential information they need to manage the complex responsibilities of caregiving. There is also a workbook available specific to Veteran and Military Family Caregivers.

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