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The Obama Presidency

President Obama and congressional leaders have agreed on an ambitious, complex plan of expenditures and tax cuts with the hope of reviving a struggling national economy. Congress is expected to approve and Obama to sign the $789 billion measure that includes nearly $300 billion in tax cuts and more than $450 billion in new spending—most of it to be allocated in the next two years.

Here is a look at several features with an emphasis on what they mean to you. More >>

Senate Passes Economic Stimulus Bill
The Senate passed an economic stimulus bill that President Obama and congressional Democrats called crucial to pull the U.S. economy out of its downward spiral but that drew scant support from Republicans. More >>

The New Washington Agenda
President Barack Obama set the timetable just days after his election. “I want to ensure that we hit the ground running on Jan. 20 because we don’t have a moment to lose,” he said on Nov. 8. More >>

President Obama Calls on Americans' Better Selves
In his inauguration speech, President Barack Obama harkened back to times of sacrifice, like the Great Depression. More >>

A New Deal for Neighborhoods
Obama's call for an infrastructure improvement program could, like the WPA in the Great Depression, reshape America's communities. More >>

Can Our New Leaders Fix Health Care?
Policymakers, consumers, and business and health care stakeholders are pressing for significant change—even in the face of a recession. More >>

Please, Judge, Save My House
If you are among the record number of struggling families who face escalating mortgage payments on a home where much of the value has already vanished, you may be running out of options. More >>

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