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AARP on the Front Lines Defending Medicare

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We will continue to vigorously protect and defend the benefits that Medicare beneficiaries receive.

En español | There has been a lot of talk in recent weeks about Medicare, the program that 57 million Americans depend on to cover their health care needs.

AARP members have reached out to us to express their growing concern about what may happen to Medicare.

Medicare is a deal made with the American people — a deal that needs to be honored.

As CEO of AARP, I can tell you that we will continue to vigorously protect and defend the benefits that Medicare beneficiaries receive. AARP will flatly oppose any attempts to cut, scale back or diminish the benefits that Medicare provides. This includes any efforts to eliminate the guaranteed level of Medicare coverage that current and future generations of Americans have paid in to, expect and deserve.

During the campaign, President-elect Trump repeatedly pledged not to cut Medicare. Americans are counting on him to keep that promise, and we will fight hard to help him deliver on it.

But Congress matters, too. Some congressional leaders want to change Medicare in ways that would cut benefits and force seniors to pay more for their health care. Those plans would expose seniors to rising health care costs and deprive them of the protection of guaranteed coverage.

It’s not right. It’s not what Americans want. And it will not stand.

I assure you: AARP will be on the front lines fighting to protect the Medicare promise all Americans have come to expect — and the benefits that they deserve.

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