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Top 10 Opinions & Ideas Stories of 2008

What I Really Know About Bathing Suit Season: Shopping for Suits at 74
June 27: About 50 years ago, I was living on a small island called Jersey and had a different bikini for each day of the week. At 74, I am looking for something a bit more modest.

Your Parent Just Died? Your Life May Get Better, Says Author Jeanne Safer
August 11: Safer, author of Death Benefits, is the bearer of good news you probably don’t want to hear: “The death of your parents can be the best thing that ever happens to you.”

Are Retirees Breaking Their Social Contract? An Interview With Andrew D. Blechman
May 27: The author of Leisureville: Adventures in America’s Retirement Utopias chats with AARP Bulletin Today about why retirees choose age-segregated communities.

What I Really Know About Letter Writing: The Love Letter
April: Today’s kids, born with phones sticking out of their ears, can’t possibly understand the joy of getting a letter – especially a love letter.

Book Excerpt: Leisureville: Adventures in America’s Retirement Utopias
May 27: “Isn’t it nice?” she asks. “People call it ‘Disney for adults,’ and I’m beginning to understand why. It’s like being on a permanent vacation.”

What I Really Know About Bathing Suit Season: Don’t Give a Darn
May 16: Most of us are too happy about being healthy enough to swim—in our bathing suits or anything else we darn please—to worry about how we’ll look doing it.

What I Really Know About Bathing Suit Season: Sun Scars
June 13: I hope my daughters and granddaughters do all they possibly can to preserve the glow of their own fresh, healthy skin during the bathing suit seasons of their lives.

What I Really Know About Telling Jokes: I’m a Standup Comic
August 15: My last date took me to a coffeehouse and gave me $20. He said, “Get whatever you want.” And I got a cab and went home.

What I Really Know About Bathing Suit Season: For Any Season of Life
June 20: Youth culture will not order my life! I have come to understand that all have a right to enjoy bathing suit season—in any season of life.

The Next President Faces Unavoidable Tax Options
March 27: The next president will face an exploding budget deficit in desperate need of revenue and an ongoing need for fairness. There are options, but postponing a decision is not one of them.

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