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    Put the Power of Membership in the Palm of Your Hand

    Use your digital membership card and get more AARP Rewards with the free AARP Now app!

    Use your digital membership card and get more AARP Rewards with the free AARP Now app!

Access daily news stories, local events, nearby member benefits,
and manage your account anytime on the go!

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Download the free app!

Download today for easy access to the news, events, and savings that matter to you–whenever you want them, wherever you are.

Get more from AARP Rewards! Earn points for downloading AARP Now and sync your smartphone or favorite fitness tracker to earn points for steps, swimming, and cycling.

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Exclusive News

The AARP Now feed features exclusive news and stories updated daily. Written with you in mind, it's a curated overview to quickly catch you up on what's happening in the world.

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Community Events

With AARP Now, registering for events is as easy as finding them. From classes that will help you stay on top of your career, to the latest movies, start discovering the hundreds of opportunities in your neighborhood.

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Local Benefits

Discover discounts available near you, search for deals based on your interests and even choose to get reminders when you're near your favorites.

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AARP Rewards

You can now use AARP Now to sync fitness milestones from your smartphone or favorite fitness tracker! Plus, access your points, savings, and hundreds of ways to earn and learn on the go.

Why Not Now?

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Simplicity. Convenience.

More me time.

AARP Now is the most powerful version of your card. It allows you to manage and renew your membership with a tap, easily access your favorite discounts and discover benefits you never knew you had.

Download the free app!

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Check out our FAQs to get additional details on AARP Now, including which devices you can use it on and how it works with your membership.