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The Con Artists are Everywhere!

Beware of phone calls from persons claiming to be bail bondsmen or police officers asking for hundreds of dollars to release a grandchild from jail in Canada or elsewhere. It is a scam!

“Many elderly in New Hampshire have become victims of this fraud,” said AARP fraud fighter Harold Moldoff. “Oftentimes, the callers do their research, reading Facebook posts of people’s grandchildren. So, there may be some legitimacy in the story. They are convincing, but they are criminals. We want to warn people that this is a scam and they should not send money.”

This is just one of the top frauds and scams that continue to plague New Hampshire residents. Other scams involve phony cashier’s checks for overpayment of purchases, Medicare fraud, foreign lotteries, charity fraud, identity theft, home improvement scams and more.

“Every time we figure out how to avoid one scam, con artists find another way to separate us from our money,” continued Moldoff. “Even as scams change, the basic points remain the same. Con artists will try to fool consumers into giving up their hard-earned money. We must stay on guard!”

That is why AARP New Hampshire has organized a team of volunteer fraud fighters who are available to educate citizens in all corners of the Granite State. The free presentation focuses on the top frauds and scams and how people can avoid becoming a victim of these unscrupulous characters.

“While we can’t educate people on every fraud and scam, we can teach people the 3 Rs of fraud: recognize, resist and report,” added Moldoff. “If we can help people recognize the pitches scammers make and know how to resist these pitches, fewer will be victims of fraud.”

To request a top frauds and scams presentation in your community – or to get involved as a volunteer fraud fighter – send an email to

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