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Whom to Contact if You Suspect Elder Financial Abuse

Exploitation of older adults is vastly underreported


Our team of fraud fighters has the real-world tips and tools to help protect you and your loved ones. 


In the News

Urgent Action Needed on Consumer Fraud

With scams skyrocketing, a full-scale effort is needed by law enforcement, regulators and policymakers

Don't Get Scammed by Fake QR Codes

FBI issues warning, offers tips for scanning the popular black-and-white squares safely

​Precious Metals Scams Target Investors Amid the Pandemic

Crooks take advantage of dire times to fleece the anxious

Feds: Sextortions Hit LGBTQ+ Dating Apps

Don't succumb to blackmailers seeking gift cards online

Do Multiple Email Accounts Improve Your Security?

Only if you use safeguards, like passwords, on all email accounts

Elder Fraud

Tech Tools to Help Guard Against Elder Financial Abuse

Websites and firms that can flag suspicious behavior

​How to Spot Elder Fraud by a Financial Professional​

Protect loved ones from exploitation by a fiduciary

Safeguard Older Loved Ones From Caregiver Fraud

How to hire wisely and spot signs of financial abuse

Coronavirus Scams

First Federal Criminal Charges for COVID Vaccine Card Fraud

California woman accused of helping others create fake vaccination records

Fraudsters Hit COVID Program Offering Help for Funerals

Beware unsolicited calls, emails offering help with FEMA application

5 Things to Know About the Latest Vaccine Scam

Feds say post-vaccine survey is fake and prize never arrives

Fake COVID-19 Vaccination Cards Put Public Health at Risk

Authorities warn Twitter, Shopify, eBay to stem online sales of sham records

Beware COVID-19 Frauds and Scams

Nearly 500 charged with crimes during yearlong Justice Department crackdown

Preview: The Perfect Scam

6 Tales of Real-Life Scam Stories

Host of ‘The Perfect Scam’ podcast shares a few of the most memorable episodes

Scam Turns Grandmother Into a Money Mule

Annie believes she's found an online friend, but in reality, she’s being lured into a scam

How a Stolen Bag Helped Uncover a Crime Ring

A stolen purse case leads to a nationwide crime ring and a scam that includes disguises and more

Stimulus Check Scams

This Is What a Real Paper Stimulus Check Looks Like

Consumers are warned to beware of scammers

Fake Stimulus Checks Drive Traffic to Used-Car Sale

Federal lawsuit alleges deceptive and illegal tactics

First Fraud Charges Involving Stimulus Loans Filed

Feds allege men schemed to get relief money


Learn how to spot and avoid the common scams listed below

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