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Holiday Scams

Gift cards graphic

Give Gift Cards to Friends and Family — Not Fraudsters

Crooks don't take a holiday as they zero in on easy, fast cash

Thief in a Santa suit sneaking across the floor

Tis the Season for Scams

Recognize the warning signs of fraud when shopping online or giving gift cards

Puppy laying on a couch with his head between his paws

Fraudsters Sell Nonexistent 'Pets' During Holiday Season

If you're buying a cat or dog, don't let scammers spoil your holidays

Couple looking through holiday vacation packages at travel agents office

Beware of Phony Travel Deals

Fake rental listings, bogus websites ensnare unsuspecting consumers planning holiday travel

How to Recognize and Avoid Holiday Scams

In the News

A social security card in a black keyboard

Social Security Scams Soar; New Reporting Tool Debuts

Government officials get hundreds of complaints every day

A woman is getting bad news while on the phone

'Virtual Kidnapping' Terrorizes People Across the U.S.

Tips from the FBI on how you should handle a ransom phone call

Phone scammer concept

Why Phone Scammers Turn to Threats

Fraudsters increasingly use fear tactics to con victims out of cash


Learn how to spot and avoid common scams

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