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Have You Bounced Back From a Financial Setback?

Share your story in the AARP Bulletin

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Share your financial setback stories with us today.

For an upcoming article, we’re looking to talk to older Americans who have recovered from some sort of financial crisis.

Specifically, we’d like to get in touch with individuals or couples who were at least 50 years old when they suffered a significant financial setback, and who are willing to talk openly about that problem and their recovery process.

Did the financial setback result from unemployment? Divorce? Too much spending? A business failure? Bad investments? Whatever the cause or causes of your troubles, we’re hoping that sharing your story of loss and recovery will teach others valuable lessons about financial resilience.

People who want to participate in the article should be willing to discuss specific dollar amounts in their story, including debts, financial losses and earnings. We will use people’s real names in the article, and we will photograph them as well.

If you’re interested in participating in the article, email a brief summary of your story to Someone from the Bulletin will get in touch with people willing to participate so we can learn more about their stories. Those conversations will remain confidential unless and until we receive people’s permission to include them in the final article.