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Your 12-month countdown to retirement

You’ll be retired at this time next year. Here’s how to do it

Saving for Retirement

Single? Nearing Retirement? What You Need To Know

Have a plan, and assemble a team to help execute it

No Money Saved for Retirement? It's Not Too Late

Social Security, home equity lines can help

7 Reasons Why You Should Go Ahead and Retire

Hanging on to your job do more harm than good

Social Security Calculator — Pre Retirement Estimates

When to apply for benefits — how much you’ll get

Plan Your Retirement With AARP's 401(k) Calculator

Use this smart tool to reach your retirement goals

How to Start Saving For Retirement at 50

It's never too late to build your nest egg

Spending in Retirement

Should I Tap My IRA to Buy a House?

Ed Slott answers your IRA questions

How much can you spend in retirement?

Make sure your retirement savings outlive you

10 Secrets of a Happy Retirement

Wise ways to spend your money and time

5 Tips to Make Your Money Last

Adjust your financial plan for success

12 States That Don't Tax Retirement Distributions

Could a move make your money go further?

How to Super-Stretch Retirement Dollars

Inflation erodes older adults' buying power

Discover Best Places to Live and Retire Now

Communities with a lot to offer workers and retirees

6 Ways to Pass Down Wealth to Your Heirs

Some inherited assets come with costs

Investing for Retirement

How to Take Withdrawals When the Market Is Falling

Keep a cash stash to give your stocks time to recover

New IRS Formula For Required Minimum Distributions

IRS updates how it calculates RMDs

Can I Plough My RMDs Back Into A Roth IRA?

Ed Slott, CPA, answers your IRA questions

The Retirement Income Quiz You Can’t Afford to Fail

The answers can help you retire more comfortably

Pros and Cons of Owning a Second Home in Retirement

Rental income and tax breaks come with risks

Stop Sabotaging Your Retirement Plan

5 most common mistakes to avoid

Find Old 401(k)s and More Money You've Forgotten About

The answers can help you retire more comfortably

5 Things to Know About Finances When Turning 65

Pivotal decisions — even if you aren't ready to retire

7 Ways To Learn to Live A Little In Retirement

Don't let fear of running out of money ruin retirement

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Prescription Drug Win Driven by Millions of AARP Members

House poised to vote on cutting Medicare Rx prices


Nursing Home COVID Deaths Rise as Booster Uptake Halts

Infections also increase for third straight month

Today's Money Tip: Save Thousands on Property Taxes

Many breaks available for older homeowners

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Today's Hot Deals

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Today: Nursing Home COVID Deaths

Also: Intermittent workouts

12 Pain Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore

They may indicate something serious

Possible Carcinogen in Diabetes Drugs

Impurity limits eased to avoid shortage

Online Buying Sends Inflation Upside-Down

Prices for some digital purchases drop


Grownups Get Deals as School Year Nears

You don't need kids to score savings

FDA Warns About Skin Tag Removers

Letters sent to online merchants

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Read the Latest AARP Publications Online

See them before they arrive in the mail

History: 'Sue' the T-Rex Is Discovered

Best-preserved skeleton of its type

10 Quick Questions for Martha Plimpton

Actress finds freedom in turning 50

Free Books for Your Reading Pleasure

Great titles by popular authors

At Home

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Today's Workout: 10-Minute Zumba Class

Lorraine Ladish leads session

12 Music Playlists for Your Every Mood

Just what you need, when you need it

Free Museum Day Is Sept. 17

Find out how to get tickets

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Author Judy Blume on What to Do Now

She talks about her life's second act


What to Watch on TV and Streaming

‘The Princess,’ LA Lakers documentary

Jann Wenner's Rock 'n' Roll Memoir

A look at 'Rolling Stone' founder's book

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Understanding the 4 Parts of Medicare

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Tools to Keep Track of Your Finances

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