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North Dakota State Plan on Aging – 2010-2014


Twenty-seven percent of North Dakota’s population will be 60+ by 2020, with over 3 percent of them in the 85+ category, nearly twice the U.S. projected average for that timeframe. In preparation for this aging demographic, the North Dakota Department of Human Services Aging Services Division created and submitted its state age plan per the requirements of the Older Americans Act.

Key Points

The plan focuses on existing and new programs North Dakota has and hopes to implement in order to address its aging demographic challenges. These include pilot grants in the Bismarck region and the development of a service model placing several options for aging in place or aging in community within the hands of consumers.

Other plan highlights include:

  1. An indication that 20 percent of those aged 60+ may live in poverty over the next several years in spite of the booming economy in that state if actions aren’t taken. This trend lies in juxtaposition to a shift to urban centers (page 11).
  2. North Dakota has an ethnically diverse aging population, including American Indians, and is projected to be heavily female dominant.
  3. North Dakota has a robust program in nutrition services and caregiving to cater to its native residents.

While North Dakota has a thriving economy in spite of the Great Recession, its economy alone cannot stem the sweeping challenges that accompany the age shift. Consider how future trends such as a shift to urban living, gender, and a diverse ethnic base inform your own planning.

How to Use

As the U.S. emerges from the Great Recession, the challenges in North Dakota with regard to urban living, culture shock, and an ethnically diverse base with unique nutritional or ethnic needs may reflect your own locality. North Dakota’s nutritional service offering may also serve as an example for local governments seeking to offer help to an ethnic or linguistically diverse population base.

View full report: North Dakota State Plan on Aging – 2010-2014 (PDF – 987 KB)

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