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New Jersey State Strategic Plan on Aging – 2009-2013


By 2030, New Jersey’s 60+ population is projected to reach 2.5 million, representing 25.7 percent of the entire state population. To meet the requirements of the Older Americans Act and prepare for the changing needs of its substantial older adult population, New Jersey’s Division of Aging and Community Services created and submitted this four-year state aging plan.

Key Points

The plan focuses on empowering New Jersey’s growing older adult population by enabling them to make informed decisions regarding their own care options while accessing a system of services that promotes independence and well-being. New Jersey’s Division of Aging and Community Services established five principles to ensure all efforts and initiatives of the Division meet the needs of its senior population. These guiding principles are leadership, advocacy, consumer direction, cultural competency, and quality assurance and improvement.

Other plan highlights include:

  1. New Jersey’s Division of Aging and Community Services distributed more than 40,000 copies of “A Guide to Community-Based and Long Term Care in New Jersey” to encourage older adults and caregivers to plan for future long-term care needs.
  2. New Jersey’s Nutrition Program for the Elderly provides more than 6 million meals to seniors each year, serving about 63,000 seniors at home or nutrition sites across the state.
  3. The Division of Aging and Community Services has partnered with the state’s Offices of Emergency Management to implement disaster response plans that consider the special needs of frail elderly.

How to Use

The plan provides an extensive overview of the goals of New Jersey’s Division on Aging and Community Services, as well as the steps New Jersey is taking to accommodate the changing needs of its growing older adult cohort. Planners and local officials can use this plan to gain an understanding of how New Jersey intends to meet the needs of its older adult population that highly values independence, dignity, and choice.

View full report: New Jersey State Plan on Aging – 2009–2013 (PDF – 1.5 MB)

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