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New Hampshire State Plan on Aging – 2011-2015


According to 2010 U.S. Census data, New Hampshire is the fourth oldest state in terms of median age. As New Hampshire’s Boomer population ages and fewer young people migrate to the state, its older adult population will continue to expand. The New Hampshire Bureau of Elderly and Adult Services (BEAS) produced this four-year state aging plan to meet the requirements of the Older Americans Act. The plan discusses the ways in which New Hampshire will accommodate the growing and changing needs of its older adult population.

Key Points

The aging plan for New Hampshire, like other state plans, spells out how it will provide older adults with services and programs that offer them long-term care options and allow them to maintain their independence as they age. The plan effectively outlines the objectives and performance outcomes BEAS has established to meet the needs of New Hampshire’s rapidly aging population. Additionally, the plan examines specific programs and initiatives BEAS has implemented to support the state’s older adults and foster their desire to age in place.

Other Plan Highlights:

  1. ServiceLink Resource Center Network, the main place around the state for older adults and their caregivers to receive long-term care information and connect with supportive services.
  2. Choices for Independence (CFI), a community-based alternative to nursing facility placement for older adults who require support services to remain in their homes and communities.
  3. New Hampshire Community Passport Program, a nursing facility transition initiative intended to move older adults currently living in nursing facilities back to their homes and communities.

How to Use

New Hampshire’s aging plan focuses on the strong desire of its senior population to remain in their homes and communities with a high quality of life for as long as possible. Since this is an overwhelmingly common trend among older Americans, planners and local officials can use New Hampshire’s aging plan to gain an understanding of the unique programs BEAS has implemented to best address this objective. Also, New Hampshire’s aging plan offers a resource allocation plan for older adult services through fiscal year 2014 that can be used by planners and local officials in their own budgeting efforts.

View full report: New Hampshire State Plan on Aging – 2011-2015 (PDF – 443 KB)

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