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Indiana State Plan on Aging – 2011 – 2014


Indiana’s population of older adults afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease is anticipated to reach 130,000 in 2025. As Indiana’s older adult population increases, the need for caregivers will increase substantially. The Indiana Division of Aging created this age plan, following the requirements of the Older Americans Act, to prepare for the changing needs of its growing older adult population. The State Plan on Aging ensures that the aging population of Indiana is well-informed regarding long-term care options, aware of available services in their communities, and able to make informed decisions about their long-term care options.

Key Points

The plan provides an outline of the initiatives, strategies, and programs the Indiana Division on Aging intends to implement in order to accommodate the needs of its aging population. Due to Indiana’s poor economic climate, the state must focus its efforts toward helping the neediest older adults first.

Other plan highlights include:

  1. Indiana has little cultural diversity among its older demographic. Of Indiana’s 60+ population, 90.84 percent are Caucasian. African Americans are the largest minority group and constitute less than six percent of the population.
  2. Indiana’s largest source of revenue comes from its manufacturing base (page 8).
  3. Indiana has increased its home and community-based services (HCBS) sector by 158 percent since 2005. Nursing facilities have decreased by two percent in the state.
  4. Indiana’s system to provide services to older adults with low needs who may not need full institutional care is currently lagging behind other states.

Indiana is demonstrating progress toward making aging in place a viable options for its older adult population through an increase in HCBS programs. By identifying its current weaknesses regarding service options for older adults who do not need full intuitional care, Indiana creates opportunities to strengthen these services.

How to Use

This State Plan on Aging offers an in-depth discussion of how Indiana plans to meet the needs of its growing older adult population. Indiana faces particularly challenging obstacles in meeting these needs due to its poor economy and dependence on its manufacturing industry. Local government officials facing similar economic hardships to Indiana can use this state plan to gain an understanding of Indiana’s progress and planned strategies to make aging in place possible for its older adult population.

View full report: Indiana State Plan on Aging – 2011–2014 (PDF – 1.4 MB)

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