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Caregiving Basics

african senior patient with female nurse

Caregiver Resources: An Introduction

Feeling overwhelmed? Resources for caregivers

senior man smiling at his caregiver while using tablet

Caregiving Planning Guide for Families

Create a caregiving plan with this helpful guide

Find Senior Care

Choose an Option

Your Membership

Planning & Preparation

Daughter holding hands with her senior mother

What Are We Not Willing to Do for Mom and Dad?

26% don't know what their parent's plans are

Care assistant reading book

Create Your Caregiving Team

5 tips to create a caregiving team that works well for your family

Caregiving Benefits

Legal Preparations

The documents and discussions you should complete early — before a caregiving crisis hits you

New Caregivers

Senior woman and caregiver outdoors in a garden

8 Rules for New Caregivers

Here are some basic rules to get you on the right path

How to Assess Your Loved One’s Situation

How to Assess Your Loved One’s Situation

Mental, physical, environmental and financial condition

Caregiver Resources: Caregiving Checklists

Caregiver Resources: Checklists

Checklists to assist with a loved one's health and care

Long-Distance Care

Tips for the Long-Distance Caregiver

Tips for the Long-Distance Caregiver

Advice for caregiving from a distance

son holding his senior mother

Obstacles to Long-Distance Caregiving

How to deal with the difficulty and stress

Caregiving Question and Answer Tool

Helping a Family Member From Afar

Community resources and planning ideas

Condition-Specific Care

How to Manage Your Caregiving Responsibilities

Help for Alzheimer's Caregivers

Support, resources, advice for a difficult job

Far more research funding is needed to find the prevention or cure for Alzheimer’s, the nation’s most expensive disease.

High Costs of Caring for Alzheimer's Patients

Much of the cost usually comes out of the family's pocket

Alzheimer caregiving package BB author speaks

How My Husband and I Dealt With Alzheimer's

A personal essay by Olivia Ames Hoblitzelle


United Hospital Fund’s ,Next Step in Care Project

United Hospital Fund’s ‘Next Step in Care’ Project

Free guides and checklists for family caregivers


AARP Caregiving on Twitter

Are you a family caregiver looking for help? Find it here

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