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Coming of Age

Boomers are graying America. Find out the median age in each state and D.C.

How much are boomers aging America?

In 2010, the first post-World War II generation reached ages 46 to 64. Between 2000 and 2010, the U.S. population in the 45-to-64 bracket increased 31.5 percent. In contrast, the population age 65 and older grew by 15.1 percent, and the 18-to-44 bracket by just 0.6 percent. During that 10-year span, the U.S. median age (the age at which half the residents are younger and half older) increased from 35.3 to 37.2. The median in seven states — Maine, Vermont, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Florida, Pennsylvania and Connecticut — pushed past 40. The interactive map below gives the median age of each state and D.C.

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