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11 Ways to Look 10 Years Younger

Cut your hair, tame your brows, dress to impress

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    Shorter Hair

    En español | A shorter cut thickens and gives body to thinning hair. If you want to keep your long locks, take time to maintain it with regular trims and root touch-ups.

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    Soften Hair Color

    The greatest “age reverser” is hair color. If you grew up with dark hair, you’ll probably want to go lighter than you’ve been used to. Whatever you do: Don’t go black. Keep the color around your face soft. 

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    Shave the Beard

    Men hoping to take some years off might want to reconsider facial hair. As one stylist puts it, “It’s very, very rare that someone looks younger with a beard and mustache. It’ll almost always make you look more mature.”

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    Beef Up Brows

    Younger women tend to have fuller brows, so darkening and thickening pale, thin eyebrows can have a dramatic effect. Consider dying brows an ash-brown or another “cool” color (as opposed to a red tone). Fill in any gaps with a powder.

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    Tame 'Guybrows'

    Men should have their wild “guybrows” tamed with subtle tweezing and trimming. It’s easy to get too enthusiastic and overpluck, so get a pro to shape them — or at least ask the barber to do a trim. And while you’re at it, take care of excess ear and nose hair too. 

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    Choose the Right Foundation

    A cream or stick foundation will blend better than a powder, especially on dry skin. Use a salmon-colored concealer for the dark under-eye area; it sounds strange, but unlike a yellow-toned concealer, the salmon neutralizes the blue.

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    Lighten Lips

    Lips lose their pouty fullness when we get older, so avoid dark lipsticks, which can accentuate the thinness. And consider a little bit of gloss for a dewy look.

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    Men need to exfoliate too: lines and wrinkles are sometimes caused by very dry skin. Use an exfoliating scrub once a week and moisturize your face; you may see a big difference.

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    Avoid Baggy Clothes

    Clothes should have a tailored fit that skims the body, no matter your size. And throw on a pink scarf, says one stylist, because “a pink up close to the face will bring out its natural rosiness.” 

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    For both men and women, two out of three pieces should match. It can be the top and the bottom, the top and the shoes or the shoes and the bottom. It’ll elongate and thin the line of the body.

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    Choose V-Necks

    Men might consider wearing slimming v-necks instead of crew necks. Crew necks make the face look more rounded. And wear button-collared shirts rather than a wide-spread collar for the same reason — it will narrow the face.

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