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3 Simple Ways to Look Your Best

Making you a priority isn’t indulgent, it’s essential

Man looking into a mirror


Age is just a number, so there’s no reason not to look your best and be in great shape. Whether you’re newly retired and looking forward to more vacation time or taking steps toward a new job, you can optimize your health and update your look without spending a fortune using these three tips.    

Smiling woman wearing glasses


1. Consider a Fashion Makeover – It’s time to take a good look in the mirror. Are you still wearing clothes from the last decade? And what about your eyeglasses? Freshening up your look can give you a new outlook on life. Consider a personal shopper available in department stores or try one of the new personal styling mail subscriptions. Yes, men, these clothing options are for you too! Eyewear has come a long way, so make your personal statement. With so many styles to choose from and with vision plans that provide lower costs - you may opt for a few pairs. 

Assortment of healthy foods including broccoli, apple, avocado, nuts, seeds, greens, blueberries


2. Focus on Food to Improve Your Health Inside and Out – When you feel good, you look good. The food you eat affects far more than your waistline. Nutrition impacts your heart health, blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar levels (diabetes), brain, hair, skin and eyes. For your best health, choose a mix of colorful veggies like leafy greens, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes, fruit, fish, poultry and lean meats, healthy fats like olive oil, nuts in moderation, milk/yogurt and whole grains.

How about those peepers? Powerhouse foods protect against eye damage from sun, strengthen tissue, fight inflammation and prevent night blindness. Choose spinach, kale, brussel sprouts and carrots (bet you knew that!), along with grapefruit, strawberries, sunflower seeds, turkey and salmon.    

Man getting an eye exam


3. Prioritize Regular Appointments with Your Healthcare Providers – Even if you feel great, annual checkups confirm your good health or expose health issues you may be unaware of.

  • An internist or general practitioner provides education, prevention, up-to-date vaccinations, tests and screenings. So any indicators – such as high sugar levels or blood pressure – can be monitored and treated before they become full-blown disease.

  • Visiting a dentist once or twice a year is optimal for healthy teeth and gums. In addition to checking for, and plaque and tartar buildup that can lead to disease, you’ll have a thorough cleaning that can keep those pearlies white. 

  • An annual eye exam with an eye doctor helps to determine whether or not you need an eyeglass prescription or need an existing prescription adjusted. An exam can also cover common age-related conditions, signs of more serious eye-related disease and even general health issues such as diabetes and high cholesterol or blood pressure.

Don’t let cost deter you from being and looking your best. Evaluate your current insurance and be sure you have the right coverage for your health needs - don’t forget about often-overlooked vision coverage. A vision plan can be purchased for a low monthly fee and greatly reduce out-of-pocket costs. Now’s the time to look better, feel better and be better than ever before!

What’s your plan for eye care? VSP Individual Vision Plans start as low as $13 per month. Find a plan.