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5 Reasons Adults 50+ Should Consider Vision Insurance

Your eyes are the window to the world – take care of them

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Changes in eye health are part of the normal aging process. An annual comprehensive eye exam is essential to help detect common changes as well as serious eye conditions that are more common after the age of 50.  

Having a vision plan can greatly reduce eye care costs, especially if you have no coverage through an employer because you are self-employed, work part-time, are retired or considering retirement. While you might think Traditional Medicare Insurance plans cover the cost of annual eye exams or glasses, for most folks this isn’t the case. With a vision insurance plan, you can save on everything from an eye exam to corrective lenses and even laser surgery with some specific plans.

Here’s What to Expect With a Vision Plan

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1. A Preventive Comprehensive Eye Exam – It’s important to have an annual eye exam for optimal vision and to help prevent or slow the progression of more serious eye conditions. During an eye exam, the doctor checks vision and can uncover age-related eye issues such as presbyopia, a common condition that can lead to reading glasses in our 50s, and cataracts that can cloud vision, more common in the 60s. The doctor also looks for signs of eye disease such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. An eye exam can also uncover indicators of diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

2. Lower Costs for Eye Care That Goes Beyond the Regular Exam – If a prescription is required, a vision plan may often reduce out-of-pocket costs on glasses or contact lenses. Plans may include access to member discounts, such as specials on prescription sunglasses and designer frames. The savings add up. 

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3. A High Level of Care From a Trusted Network of Top Eye Care Professionals – It’s not easy to find a doctor you can trust. Do your research to determine the best vision plan that meets your needs and guarantees satisfaction. Once you’ve chosen your vision plan, you’ll have access to a network of eye doctors who will provide you with quality care.

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4. Frames and Lenses at the Right Price – There are so many options today in eyewear. Whether your tastes run to a super trendy designer look, are more straightforward and practical…or you want a few pairs of glasses to match your mood, you can find a look you love. Not interested in eyeglasses? You can opt for contacts. Affordable vision plans provide frame allowances for glasses or contact lenses.

5. Enhancements That Customize Your Lenses for Clearer Vision – There are a number of lens enhancements that can make vision clearer and help glasses last longer. These can include scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coatings and multifocal and tinted lenses. When you choose a vision plan that provides additional coverage, you’ll save more money on glasses that have the enhancements you want. 

No vision coverage? Whether you’re self-employed, a part-timer, retired or preparing to retire and your employee coverage will be discontinued, VSP has you covered with Individual Vision Plans that start as low as $13 per month. Find a plan in your area

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