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AARP Services

Decades of Experience Connecting Companies to the Aging Consumer

Who We Are

AARP Services is where AARP’s mission meets the marketplace for the 50+ population, by sparking new solutions that transform the marketplace to improve people’s lives as they age. Founded in 1999 as the professional services arm of AARP, we support the Association’s mission of Disrupt Aging by helping bring new products to drive market innovation and build richer connections with consumers. AARP Services acts as a bridge, offering a way forward through business relationships that build on AARP‘s mission while simultaneously shifting how we approach the aging marketplace. Getting older is an unavoidable, beautiful fact of life. How consumers approach, view, and experience it, is AARP Services' fascination and reason for being.



Our Purpose

AARP Services connects companies to people by helping bring experiences, products and services that matter to them as they move through specific life stages. This work includes providing AARP members with access to quality member benefits in the form of products and services. These AARP-branded products and services cover a wide range of member’s needs and are managed with four key principles in mind: Value, Quality, Put the Member in the Middle, and Ease of Access. 

How We Approach Our Work

AARP Services challenges convention and sparks fresh perspectives, achieving our purpose with humanity, tenacity, and a common purpose.  We know the aging consumer on a deeply personal level. This expertise allows us to build profitable and lasting relationships between brands and consumers by leveraging our deep data insights, innovative tools, and strategic and creative capabilities.

Our Services


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Helping companies lead the marketplace and reach valuable customers with a trusted brand and access to over 37M AARP members.


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We know the 50+ consumer best. Our marketing capabilities focus on consulting, creative development and campaign planning.


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Meet the 50+ where they are with our world-class data mining, advanced analytics and targeting capabilities.


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Through uncovering the needs of aging consumers, we leverage our unique insights to help companies develop innovative product strategies and accelerate concept development.

Who We Work With

With unmatched data, decades of experiential insights, and go-to-market expertise, AARP Services has enabled many companies to grow reach and market share. We work with over 40 companies in the following industries:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Financial Products and Services
  • Caregiving Solutions
  • Insurance products
  • Travel & Leisure
  • Entertainment, Shopping and Dining Discounts
  • Home & Technology

Here are a few of the companies we work with:

Delta Dental, New York Life, Barclays, The Hartford, United Healthcare, Expedia, Wyndham Hotel & Resorts, Denny’s, Foremost Insurance Group, Consumer Cellular... and many more.


AARP Services Leadership Team

John Larew, President & CEO

Kevin Tator, CFO & SVP of Finance

Sarah Mika, SVP of Legal and General Counsel

Robyn Motley, SVP, General Manager for AARP Media Solutions

Ryan Hatcher, SVP of Marketing

Jason Mugg, SVP of Lifestyle and Emerging Businesses

Jay Fleming, SVP of Customer Solutions

Jeff Gaboury, SVP of Financial Products and Services

Greg Marion, SVP of Health Products & Services

Engage with the 50-plus

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