New Health Care Bill Threatens Protection of Preexisting Conditions. Take Action

Debt Management

Why Your Credit Score Still Matters

4 ways to increase your credit score

Eliminate Credit Card Debt

3 options that help you lower your monthly payments

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Tool: Mortgage Payoff Calculator

Find out how much interest you could you save by paying off your mortgage early

Are Adjustable-Rate Mortgages Right for You?

A conventional fixed-rate or an adjustable-rate loan? These 4 tips can help the older borrower with that mortgage decision

The Relocation Decision

To move or not to move, when you retire — that's a big question


Celebrity Money Mistakes

Even the rich and famous have trouble keeping their finances hassle-free. Don't follow in their financial missteps

When Debt Can Be Useful

Debt and credit score could be useful for personal finances and loan decisions

Credit Card Payoff Calculator

Learn how to reduce your credit card debt and multiply your retirement opportunities

Bills & Loans

8 Hidden College Expenses

A college education is expensive before you add in back-end fees and expenses. Here are eight that can surprise parents and students

10 Things to Know About Using Layaway

As the holidays approach, using layaway as part of your gift-buying strategy might just save you money

7 Loans You Should Never Cosign

Cosigning is a common practice in the lending world. But it can be a dangerous financial move. Here are six loans you should never cosign, no matter what the circumstance

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