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Healthy Recipes

Eat Your Way to Brain Health

How the MIND diet is fighting cognitive decline

Video: An Oasis in a Food Desert

Jeff Brown specializes in opening large grocery stores in underprivileged neighborhoods

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Lose Weight

Jump-Start Your Fitness

Here's 3 steps to a fit life, along with tips on how to get started, keep moving and make it a habit

Want to Drop Pounds Fast? Try These Tactics

The latest AARP book, "New American Diet," sheds light on tips to losing weight quickly

7 Surprising Reasons People Pack on the Pounds

From the obvious to the unexpected, 7 habits that can lead to packing on the pounds

Special Diets

Cooking with Grains: Amaranth

Amaranth is a nutritious grain that's a healthy alternative to oatmeal, and it is perfect for breakfast

Eat For Prostate Health

Evidence indicates that a healthy diet and exercise can ward off cancer in general and prostate cancer

Pain-fighting Foods

These seven foods can help ease anything from knee pain to back pain

Heart Healthy Diet

A Healthy Change of Heart

A top cardiologist shares his surprising views on dieting, statins and why baby aspirin can be harmful

Eat for a Healthy Heart

5 Tips and a week's worth of recipes to keep your ticker in top shape

Eat Red for a Heart Healthy Diet

Most people don't know that these 3 red fruits are a necessary part of any heart healthy diet

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