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AARP Bulletin

Your Money

Social Media Phishing Scams

Learn 5 ways your data is at risk — and how to protect it

Navigate the Benefits Maze

Tips to maximize Social Security and Medicare

Investors Beware!

States are quick to grab 'abandoned' property

Featured Videos

Astronaut Charles Bolden

Space commander talks about visiting Mars, threats from asteroids and international collaboration in space

Whistleblower Dr. Joseph Ting

How one doctor's suspicion of his company's billing practices stopped millions in Medicare fraud

Last Laugh

The Last Laugh Cartoon

You Gotta Laugh

Boy: Mom, can I have a dollar? I’ve been good all week.
Mother: A whole dollar, just for being good? Why can’t you be good for nothing, like your father?

“That’s really sweet, but Jen is the meanest person I know,
so that doesn’t really apply.”

— Comedian Amy Schumer, on friend Jennifer Lawrence’s advice that girls should always “be nice”

“He looked like he was close to needing
mouth-to-mouth. I wasn’t gonna
give it to him.”

— Manager Dusty Baker of the Washington Nationals, on a flu-stricken starting pitcher


In the Spotlight

Fighting Against High Drug Costs

This trend could mean poorer health and higher health care expenses.


15 Things You Better Know About Your Blood Pressure

The newest science on how to keep your numbers at healthy levels whether you suffer from high or low blood pressure


Get Happy

Happiness coach Sonja Lyubomirsky's advice on going with the flow


Deadly Painkillers

A growing number of people 50+ are abusing prescription painkillers, sometimes with fatal consequences


6 Ways to Pay Down Your Debt Fast

Older households have more than doubled their debt in a dozen years


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