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AARP Ohio Congressional District 14 Social Security Survey: April 14, 2005

Half (49 percent) of age 18+ Ohioans living in the state's 14th Congressional District favor private accounts when simply asked about the option to invest some of their Social Security contributions. Forty-four percent oppose private accounts and 7 percent don't know where they stand on this issue.

However, when consequences of private accounts are introduced, support for private accounts decreases greatly. Between 29 percent and 47 percent of people who initially favored private accounts ended up opposed to private accounts when presented with some consequences. As a result, exposure to any of the consequences presented increased the initial 44 percent of respondent opposition to private accounts to a substantial majority (between 58 percent and 67 percent total opposition depending on the consequence presented).

Telephone interviews of 503 randomly selected Ohio residents age 18 and up were conducted between April 1st and 13th, 2005 by Woelfel Research, Inc., a national survey research firm. Further information about the survey may be obtained by contacting Dr. Wright at 202-434-6278. (16 pages)

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