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    Women having drinks by swimming pool, Things That Are Cheaper in Retirement

    11 Savings in Retirement

    These once-regular expenses may cost less — or disappear — once you stop working

    Mujer mayor sonriendo con un tablero detrás con palabras como retiro - Ahorra para el futuro

    Retirement Goals

    From Social Security to saving, these tips can help make your money last

    money report pensions sell companies risk safe security emerging

    The Great Pension Sell-Off

    Your choice: Should you take a lump sum or an insurer's annuity?

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    Savings and Finance

    Person relaxing in chair outside, optimal retirement number

    How Much Money Will You Need to Retire

    Retirement savings and amount to keep in a nest egg for income after working depends on health care costs and lifestyle.

    Scale with clock and money, Quiz Retirement mistakes

    Don't Make These Retirement Money Mistakes

    How do you maximize savings for life after work? Check the right answers to a financially secure retirement.

    Retirement Planning

    Coins stacked with pill bottle, Health Savings Accounts

    Dr. Phil Life Reimagined

    Dr. Phil Asks, 'Are You Working for You?'

    As retirement approaches, how are you managing your life?

    Martha and Byron Grush at their home in Delavan, WI

    The Home You Want With the Money You Have

    Dream homes in retirement are attainable for seniors looking for independent living in real estate wonders.

    Retirement Guide

    Golden eggs, Turbocharge Your 401(k)

    Save All You Can

    Maximize retirement benefits with 401(k) savings tips to boost savings and finances.

    Happy retirement means more time with ones you love

    Tax form and calculator, Tax-Deferred Investments

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