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Social Media and Technology Use Among Hispanics 50+

AARP commissioned a national telephone survey of Hispanic adults age 50 and older to gather information on this group's use of social media and technology, and thereby better serve Hispanics age 50+ through its website.

Key findings revealed:

  • One out of five (21%) Hispanic adults age 50 and over considers themselves extremely (6%) or very (15%) comfortable using the Internet.
  • The majority of Hispanic adults 50+ say they do not access the Internet (55%). Those who do access the Internet do so from a desktop computer (28%) or laptop (19%).  Three percent use mobile phones and 1 percent use smartphones/blackberries.
  • Approximately one-fifth of all Hispanics 50+ use social media websites (21%). Among this group, Facebook is the most popular social media website (13%).

The survey was conducted via telephone by GfK Custom Research. Questions were included on GfK’s OmniTel and Hispanic OmniTel surveys during May 12-17, 2010. A national sample of 503 Hispanic adults age 50 and older, as well as a nationally representative sample of 1,360 adults age 50 and older, completed the interviews. For additional information, contact the author, Jean Koppen, at 202-434-6311.