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How Do Women 50+ Feel About Social Security?

Get results from the new AARP poll

  • AARP Poll:  Social Security Women 50 plus -  Need to Move Quickly

    Need to Move Quickly

    The vast majority of women over age 50 say the next president and Congress need to move quickly to strengthen Social Security, according to a new poll conducted for AARP in 15 battleground states. Seventy-two percent say action needs to be taken “immediately,” and an additional 20 percent say changes are necessary within five years.

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  • AARP Poll:  Social Security Women 50 plus - whats the plan?

    What’s the Plan?

    The poll found that most women don’t think the candidates have talked enough about their plans for Social Security during this year’s presidential campaign: 78 percent say they have not seen or heard anything concrete from Donald Trump about what he would do to strengthen the program, while 64 percent say the same about Hillary Clinton.

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  • AARP Poll:  Social Security Women 50 plus - Concern for Kids

    Concern for Kids

    “Older women, in particular, want the president and Congress to strengthen Social Security so their kids and grandkids get the benefits they’ve earned,” says Nancy LeaMond, executive vice president of the AARP State and National Group. AARP is leading a campaign called Take a Stand, which is pressing the presidential candidates to tell voters how their plans for the future of Social Security will affect families, how much it will cost and how they’ll get it done.

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  • AARP Poll:  Social Security Women 50 plus - candidates Clinton vs. Trump
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    Dems vs. GOP

    Clinton and the Democratic candidates are leading Trump and their Republican counterparts among women 50 and over, and a majority of them are giving the nod to Clinton to keep Social Security strong (52 percent Clinton to 34 percent Trump).

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  • AARP Poll:  Social Security Women 50 plus

    Having Doubts

    A majority of older women (55 percent) are confident that Social Security will be there when they retire, but a sizable 42 percent are not feeling confident.

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  • AARP Poll:  Social Security Women 50 plus -Credit for Caregiving
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    Credit for Caregiving

    Two-thirds of age 50-plus women favor giving credit to people who take time off from work for caregiving responsibilities, and this support increases substantially among African American women and Latinas.

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  • AARP Poll:  Social Security Women 50 plus - Expecting Cuts

    Expecting Cuts

    A majority of older women say they will be affected by a 25 percent cut in benefits, which is what will happen if no changes are made to the program by 2034. Only 29 percent say they will not be affected at all.

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  • AARP Poll:  Social Security Women 50 plus - Living on Less
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    Living on Less

    With entertainment expenses taking the biggest hit (63 percent), a quarter of older women say they would spend less in retirement on food, health care, prescription drugs and utilities.

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