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september eleventh twenty years later banner with photo of new york city skyline showing the tribute in lights shining from ground zero at night


Grieving, Healing, Remembering: Two Decades After the 9/11 Attacks

En español | On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, terrorists hijacked four airliners full of Americans. Two of those planes flew straight into New York City’s World Trade Center, which collapsed. Another intentionally crashed into the Pentagon, just outside of Washington, D.C. On a fourth, passengers overpowered the hijackers, preventing another attack, but the Boeing 757 fell from the sky into a field in southwestern Pennsylvania. Nearly 3,000 people died in those coordinated attacks. Twenty years later, those events remain powerful and present: Hear from survivors, learn how that day changed American lives and how people healed.

Remembering the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks, 20 Years Later

Survivors tell us what they saw and what they've learned in the intervening years

Where Were You on 9/11? Stories From That Historic Day

Two decades later, people reflect on the tragic events and their lasting impact

AARP CEO Urges Volunteering on 9/11 Anniversary

Jo Ann Jenkins sends a message of unity and encourages people to volunteer in their communities

Say Their Names: The Role of Ritual in Healing

Traumatic bereavement expert explores the power of collective commemoration

AARP Staffers Remember the Day That Changed Everything

Some watched the twin towers fall, others watched smoke rising from the Pentagon

Stories of Rescue and Recovery

Beyond 9/11: Steve Buscemi Helps Support FDNY Heroes

A responsibility to serve brotherhood of firefighters

Cop Buried Alive on 9/11 Inspires Others

Will Jimeno continues to share his story

Flight Attendant Pushes to Honor Coworkers Lost on 9/11

Paul Veneto pays tribute to his fallen coworkers

Solemn Remembrance

A Guide to Visiting the National Pentagon Memorial

Virginia site is a quietly powerful reminder

Flight 93 Memorial Salutes Brave Passengers

Visit the Pennsylvania crash site

9/11 in Numbers

The events of that day left 2,977 people dead. Other numbers tell the story of how events unfolded.

First responders who came to help: 90,000

Survivors who were rescued from the twin towers: 20

People evacuated from NYC by the U.S. Coast Guard: 500,000

Planes that were grounded that day: 4,500

Blood donated to the New York Blood Center: 36,000 units

9/11 memorials currently in the United States: 1,000+