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Welcoming President Barack Obama and Congressman Paul Ryan

AARP Chairman A. Barry Rand and journalist Jane Pauley open the event

On Friday, Sept. 21, 2012, AARP welcomed President Barack Obama via live satellite and Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan in-person to address AARP members at Life@50+, in New Orleans.

A. Barry Rand: Hello again, everyone. On November 6, Americans will go to the polls and elect the next president and a new Congress. For people 50-plus and their families, this election is especially significant because it may well determine the future of Medicare — and most likely, Social Security, too.

You heard me say earlier, AARP is non-partisan. We don’t have a PAC. We don’t endorse or oppose political parties or candidates. But we are pro-mission. A key part of that mission is making sure you have the opportunity to attain health and financial security. That means providing you with the information you need to make decisions that help you live your best life.

We believe you deserve to know what our national leaders are proposing so you can make an informed decision. That’s why we’re pleased to bring you these sessions this morning with President Barack Obama and Congressman Paul Ryan.

So to get us started. It’s my pleasure to introduce our moderator for these sessions, renowned journalist, Jane Pauley.

Jane Pauley: Thank you, Barry. Good morning, everyone. I have the pleasure — indeed, the honor — this morning of moderating these sessions with President Barack Obama and Congressman Paul Ryan.

As you entered the Hall this morning, you each received a card to write down one question you would like to ask President Obama and one question you would like to ask Congressman Ryan. We have collected those cards, and following their formal remarks, I will ask each of them questions from the cards you submitted as well as from the questions our members have submitted online from across the country.

I should also mention that we are live streaming these sessions to our members online at

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