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Canadian flag with medical pills

Colorado Governor Signs Prescription Drug Importation Bill

"It shows that public officials around the country are willing to start making decisions on this issue and dealing with it in an affirmative way,” said John Hishta, AARP senior vice president for campaigns.

Stop Rx Greed Cut Drug Prices Now

It’s unfair that Americans pay the highest prescription drug prices in the world. We must crack down on price gouging and the greedy practices that keep prices artificially high. It’s time our leaders stick up for people 50+ and their families.

Fighting For You

The fight to lower prescription drug prices

A 5-Point Plan to Lower Prescription Drug Prices

Lawmakers and companies should start here to reduce prescription medicine costs

The Capitol in Washington D C

House Passes Bill to Bolster Generic Drug Access, ACA

Legislation would be a first step in fight to lower prescription drug prices

Drug Prices TV Ads

Drug Companies Ordered to Show Prices in TV Ads

New federal rule adds transparency to prescription costs for consumers

AARP's Solutions

Pills on a table

Stop Price Gouging

Let Medicare negotiate prices

Woman at a pharmacy counter buying prescription drugs

Increase Affordability

Cap out-of-pocket costs for seniors

Generic pills

Close Loopholes

Increase the availability of generics

Man looking at bills on his table

Support Transparency

Make drug firms justify big price hikes

An Unfair Burden

Meet Nancy Koch: She Can’t Afford the Drug She Needs

Substitute she takes isn’t as good

Meet Kendrick: Insurance Won't Pay for New Medicine

Doesn't cover blood pressure drug that's best for him

Meet Bill Hawkins: AARP Employee has Insurance

But worries about affording his insulin in retirement


Larry Zarzecki

Meet Larry Zarzecki: Crusading Against Drug Costs

He pays $3,200 a month to manage his Parkinson’s

Bob and Connie Keller

Meet Bob Keller: Wife’s Health Insurance Key to His Survival

Drug costs too high for couple to enjoy retirement

Pam Holt at a Senate hearing

Meet Pam Holt: Cancer Drug Put Her in Deep Financial Hole

She had to refinance her home to pay Rx bills

Tell AARP Your Prescription Drug Story

Let your elected leaders know why lowering prescription drug prices now matters to you. Share your story and remind them why Americans need protection from rising medicine costs.


States Join Fight to Lower Prescription Prices

43 legislatures consider measures ranging from transparency to drug importation


The Barriers Blocking Cheaper Prescription Drugs

These practices reduce access to lower-cost medications


The Hidden Costs Behind Rx Discounts

Coupons and charity keep list prices high, costing insurers and governments more


Floridians Share Outrage Over Prescription Drug Prices

AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins kicks off Rx Greed listening tour. "We as a country are better than this. We shouldn't have our seniors struggling every day to meet their basic needs,” said Jenkins.


Generics 18 Times Cheaper Than Brand-Name Drugs

Competition continues to bring down prices for popular generic prescription medicines


Bipartisan Bills Would Increase Access to Generics

AARP supports measures that would help lower exorbitant prescription drug prices


AARP Launches Campaign to Lower Rx Prices

Americans over 50 want more access to generics and out-of-pocket costs capped

Bottle of pills sitting on top of a one hundred dollar bill

We Must Stop Rx Greed Now

Expensive prescription drugs are a problem for us all

Americans Can't Afford Rising Drug Prices

The high cost of drugs is forcing people to make difficult decisions