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6 Ways States Have Helped Lower Prescription Drug Costs

From insulin copay caps to importation programs, a look at how states are making medications more affordable 

How High Rx Prices Hurt

AARP is fighting to protect Medicare’s historic opportunity to negotiate a fair price for some of the program’s costliest prescription drugs. Tell us how high prices have harmed you and if you use any of the medications on the negotiation list.

Prescription Drug News

10 Prescription Drugs Medicare Is Negotiating First

Popular but pricey blood thinners, diabetes medications, cancer treatments make historic list

How Medicare Rx Price Negotiations Will Work

Which drugs may be targeted first and when beneficiaries could see savings

AARP Fights to Protect Medicare Drug Negotiations

Negotiations are an important step in lowering prescription drug prices

Medicare Spent $180 Billion Over Six Years on 10 Drugs

Manufacturers have recouped average cost to develop medications many times over

10 Medications That Medicare Spends the Most on

Blood thinners, diabetes treatments dominate the latest list of costliest Part D prescription drugs

Top 25 Drugs Have Tripled in Price Since Coming on Market

Rising prices of popular Part D prescription medications far outpace inflation

Rx Bill Basics

How New Medicare Law Affects Your Health

Answers to questions about how the new law affects insulin, vaccines, other Rx prices and more

Big Changes Coming to Medicare Part D Plans

New law limits out-of-pocket drug costs, caps insulin copays, makes vaccines free

Medicare Prescription Drug Negotiations Underway

Federal officials outline how and when they’ll decide which medications will go first

Millions on Medicare to Get Extra Help with Drug Costs

Starting in 2024, more people will qualify for the full Medicare Part D assistance program

48 Medicare Drugs With Price Hikes Above Inflation

Beneficiaries will see lower coinsurance for these Part B medications

ACA Premium Subsidies Extended Through 2025

Law’s provisions will help millions of Americans afford health coverage

New Insulin Benefit

Medicare $35 Insulin Benefit Will Cut Costs for Millions

Beneficiaries have all of 2023 to switch plans for a lower price

What You Need to Know About the Medicare Insulin Cost Cap

Answers to common questions about the new coverage for beneficiaries with diabetes

Need Help Getting Insulin?

Call 1-800-Medicare (800-633-4227) or select your state from the menu below to get free help.

This New Medicare Benefit Lowers Insulin Costs

Beneficiaries with prescription drug coverage will pay no more than $35 a month for insulin

Medicare Enrollees Could Save $500 a Year on Insulin

New HHS report shows average savings by state thanks to new $35 price cap

CBO Report: Medicare Enrollees to Save Billions

Lower drug prices mean less need for medical care, government analyst projects

Prescription Drug Pricing

Sanofi Is Third Drugmaker to Lower Insulin Price

Starting in 2024 it will cut price of the diabetes medicine by 78 percent

Novo Nordisk Second To Cut Insulin Prices

Beginning in 2024, company will lower prices for both vials and prefilled insulin pens

Eli Lilly to Reduce Prices of Some Older Insulins

Company says it will match the new Medicare $35 cap for people with private insurance

​What if Milk Prices Rose as Fast as Prescription Drugs?

​Basic staples would be out of reach for many if prices went up at the same rate as popular medications

Millions on Medicare to Get Extra Help with Drug Costs

Starting in 2024, more people will qualify for the full Medicare Part D assistance program

AARP Backs Effort to Increase Prescription Drug Competition

Bills would crack down on big drug company schemes to delay generics

Fighting For You

Prescription Drug Win Caps AARP’s Fight for Lower Prices

The power of tens of millions of 50-plus adults led to a historic victory

How AARP Continues Fighting for You

Read our blog for more on how AARP is advocating for lower prescription drug costs and more

AARP Urges Court to Keep Rx Law on Track

Delaying prescription drug negotiations would harm older Americans, legal brief says