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Pill bottles in a medicine cabinet

New AARP Campaign Urges Congress to Fight for Lower Prescription Drug Prices

New survey shows Americans over 50 want more access to generics and out-of-pocket costs capped. 'It’s time for pharmaceutical companies to stop deflecting blame and acknowledge that the root cause is the price they set for their products,' says Nancy LeaMond, AARP executive vice president.

Stop Rx Greed Cut Drug Prices Now

It’s unfair that Americans pay the highest prescription drug prices in the world. We must crack down on price gouging and the greedy practices that keep prices artificially high. It’s time our leaders stick up for people 50+ and their families.

An Unfair Burden

Larry Zarzecki

Meet Larry Zarzecki: Crusading Against Drug Costs

He pays $3,200 a month to manage his Parkinson’s

Bob and Connie Keller

Meet Bob Keller: Wife’s Health Insurance Key to His Survival

Drug costs too high for couple to enjoy retirement

Pam Holt at a Senate hearing

Meet Pam Holt: Cancer Drug Put Her in Deep Financial Hole

She had to refinance her home to pay Rx bills

Fighting For You

Pills on a table

Stop Price Gouging

Let Medicare negotiate prices

Woman at a pharmacy counter buying prescription drugs

Increase Affordability

Cap out-of-pocket costs for seniors

Generic pills

Close Loopholes

Increase the availability of generics

Man looking at bills on his table

Support Transparency

Make drug firms justify big price hikes


Americans Can't Afford Rising Drug Prices

Patients shouldn't have to choose between their medicine and food

Tell Congress to Stop PhRMA’s Greed!

Drugmakers failed to explain skyrocketing prescription drug costs

Tell AARP Your Prescription Drug Story

Let your elected leaders know why lowering prescription drug prices now matters to you. Share your story and remind them why Americans need protection from rising medicine costs.