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LoBiondo, Rothman Honored for CHAMP Vote

Congressmen also sign Divided We Fail pledge

AARP held recognition events for New Jersey Congressmen Frank LoBiondo and Steve Rothman, highlighting their courageous votes for the Children's Health and Medicare Protection Act of 2007 (CHAMP), HR 3162. The Congressmen also signed AARP's Divided We Fail Pledge.

LoBiondo drew an appreciative crowd September 12 at the Samuel DelVeccio Senior Center in Cape May Court House. He was one of only five Republicans to vote for CHAMP, but emphasized the importance of voting for constituents over party.

"I am proud to stand with AARP and its South Jersey members as we work together to achieve the worthy goals of the 'Divided We Fail' initiative," said LoBiondo as he pledged to work across party lines. "Together, we will work to expand access to quality, affordable healthcare, strengthen Social Security and provide for a more secure retirement for our seniors."

The House and Senate are now negotiating the final version of the bill.

Rothman was honored at a town meeting August 21 at the Joseph T. Connors Senior Center in Jersey City.

"This is no 'welfare program' or 'free give-away,'" Rothman said of SCHIP. "This is a program that helps financially challenged families help themselves."

By signing the Divided We Fail pledge, LoBiondo and Rothman committed to working with colleagues across the aisle to develop and implement policies that provide all Americans with access to quality, affordable health care and lifetime financial security.

"Health care reform, saving social security, and curbing the rising tide of individual bankruptcy filings in our country are goals toward which we should all work," said Rothman. "And when people of good will come together in pursuit of a common purpose, there is no limit to what we can accomplish."

Find out more about Divided We Fail. Take the pledge and pass it along.