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DC Residents Speaking Out about Changes to Social Security and Medicare

Make Medicare and Social Security a priority, and don’t cut the benefits people have worked for in order to pay the nation’s other expenses.

Pay back the Social Security Trust Fund.

Add dental, vision and hearing coverage to Medicare.

These are comments made by DC residents at two different You’ve Earned a Say listening sessions held on April 10th – one at the Congress Heights Senior Wellness Center in Southeast Washington, DC and another at the Hattie Holmes Senior Wellness Center, in Northwest Washington, DC. The DC State Office has 20 listening sessions scheduled in the District in coming weeks.

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Options for changing Social Security and Medicare are being considered by Congress, and AARP DC believes You’ve Earned a Say in any conversation about the future of Medicare and Social Security. During the sessions, the facts about the two earned benefit programs are reviewed and session participants give their opinions about what, if any, changes the President and Congress should make to the earned benefit programs.

In a recent meeting with AARP DC volunteers and staff, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton said boomers need to know the facts and speak out about the future of Social Security and Medicare. You can make your voice heard by telling us if Medicare and Social Security are important to you or someone you know.

Throughout 2012, AARP will be listening to voters in many different ways: surveys, local town hall meetings, debates, bus tours and information forums. Make your voice heard. Watch for information about events in your neighborhood on the AARP DC web site.

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