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Art Appreciation

Play our game to enhance your ability to appreciate the different kinds of expressive drawing

Congratulations! You've completed our first session, "Circles, Squares and Triangles," where you discovered just how much can be expressed and revealed with just three simple shapes.

Now we're going to switch gears and work on a bit of art appreciation. I've designed a game to help you develop your visual acuity and your ability to appreciate more complex expressive drawings.

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Above, you will see six drawings that I selected from my book, Expressive Drawing. I've written a commentary for each, which includes a description of how the drawing is organized. Your assignment is to correctly match the drawing with my commentary.

It's fun and easy to do. So let's get started. Here's what you need to do:

  • Make sure the sound on your computer is set at a comfortable volume. Then preview each of the drawings by moving your cursor over the thumbnails, one at a time. Do this a couple of times so you become acquainted with the drawings.
  • Next, select one of the blocks in the lower row and click on the arrow inside. You'll immediately hear my voice describing one of the drawings. Your job will be to match my description with one of the drawings — it is as simple as that.
  • Once you think you've made a match, click on the thumbnail of the image you've selected and drag it into the box below containing my description. If your selection is correct, the thumbnail will stay in the box, and you'll be ready to go on to another description and find another match. If your selection is not a match, the thumbnail won't stick; instead, it will return automatically to the top row, rejoining the rest of the thumbnails, waiting for you to match it later with another description.

Continue matching the descriptions with the images until all the thumbnails are safely and comfortably at rest in the bottom row — and you're finished!

Afterward, whenever you get the chance, I encourage you to share your feelings and thoughts about the drawings by commenting in the Online Community forum. Have fun! I'm looking forward to hearing your responses.