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Jim Cramer's Hard-Hitting Stock Secrets

Mad Money host reveals how to win on Wall Street

Mad Money’s Jim Cramer is an in-your-face financial guru on a mission to help his viewers make the most of their money in the market.  Obsessed with Wall Street and the stock market from a very young age, he now uses his passion to teach the ordinary investor to understand this confusing and often overwhelming field.

“I have the same passion for it that others have with sports,” Cramer says. “Other people would be bored with what I find exciting.”

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In his daily program on CNBC, he brings stocks alive with his entertaining frat boy-turned-professor persona. He’s earned fortunes for himself and others and even though he’s made enough money to never need to work again, he loves what he does and believes he still has a lot to teach others.

My Generation met with this mad money man on the set of his show to discover his secrets to winning on Wall Street.