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Yard Sale Greatest Hits

Price these items right, and they'll go fast

  • Easiest Things to Sell at a Yard Sale - Costume Jewelry

    Costume Jewelry

    En español | Whether they're in the market for some inexpensive bling or they think they've literally discovered a diamond in the rough, yard sale shoppers love to snatch up costume jewelry if it's nicely displayed and priced to sell. Price simple pieces at a couple of dollars and nicer jewelry a little higher to allow for negotiating.

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  • Easiest Things to Sell at a Yard Sale -  “Like -New” Items
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    'Like-New' Items

    Received a gift that doesn't suit your fancy? Leave it in the original packaging and sell it at your next tag sale. Savvy shoppers are always on the lookout for like-new items they can give as gifts without the recipient being the wiser. Price like-new items at less than 50 percent of their original price to sell quickly.

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  • Easiest Things to Sell at a Yard Sale - Clothing by the Bag

    Clothing by the Bag

    Sometimes it can be difficult to unload used apparel at a yard sale. Offer shoppers the option of filling a grocery bag with the clothing of their choice for the flat bargain price of $10 or so. It's a great way to get rid of whatever is left near the end of the day.

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  • Easiest Things to Sell at a Yard Sale - Vinyl Records

    Vinyl Records

    There's a brisk market for these albums, but prices vary greatly by recording, artist and condition. Before you set out a box of your old LPs, research their value online to make sure you're not selling your collection short.

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  • Easiest Things to Sell at a Yard Sale - Toolbox with tools


    Most used hand and garden tools perform as well as new ones, and some are even considered collectibles. Toolboxes — particularly sturdy older boxes made of steel — are usually an easy sell if your sale attracts the DIY crowd. My friend recently sold a three-piece upright chest-style toolbox for $150 at a yard sale.

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  • Easiest Things to Sell at a Yard Sale - “Americana” Home Décor

    'Americana' Home Décor

    Watch a couple of episodes of the popular cable TV show American Pickers to get an idea of what's hot when it comes to cashing in on eclectic items for home decorating Americana-style. Vintage metal advertising signs — a popular wall hanging among Americana enthusiasts — can fetch from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars or more.

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  • Easiest Things to Sell at a Yard Sale - Books by the Lot


    Rather than trying to sell books individually, price stacks of similar ones for $5-$10 and sell them by the lot. This works particularly well for children's books, since kids tend to be a little less discriminating in their choice of literature.

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  • Easiest Things to Sell at a Yard Sale - Bottled Water and Soft Drinks

    Bottled Water and Soft Drinks

    Even if nobody is interested in buying your stuff, you can net some extra cash if you have an ice chest full of cold drinks waiting for thirsty shoppers on a hot summer day. Price them at $1 or $1.50 each.

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  • Easiest Things to Sell at a Yard Sale - Beat-Up Wooden Furniture

    Beat-Up Wooden Furniture

    The current popularity of "upcycling" — breathing new life and functionality into would-be throwaways — has created a demand for many used items including wooden furniture that's not in great shape and short of antique status. Many shoppers like to haggle for a better price on larger and one-of-a-kind items, so start by pricing them a little high.

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  • Easiest Things to Sell at a Yard Sale - “Retro” Toys and Dolls

    Retro Toys and Dolls

    That Barbie doll or Star Wars figure tucked away in your closet could bring some quick cash at a yard sale, but you'll probably make more selling them to serious collectors on an online auction site like eBay. The condition of vintage toys is paramount in determining their value, and original packaging can sometimes be worth more than the vintage toy it contains.

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  • Easiest Things to Sell at a Yard Sale - Kid and Baby Clothing

    Kid and Baby Clothing

    Tag sale regulars report a steady market for lightly used children's clothing and baby wear, since kids outgrow their duds so fast. A good rule of thumb for selling clothing and other items quickly is to price them at about 20 percent of what they'd sell for new.

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  • Easiest Things to Sell at a Yard Sale - Antiques


    Of course there's always a market for antiques, so try to include at least a few so that you can truthfully say "antiques" in any advertisements. The "A-word" always draws a crowd.

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  • Easiest Things to Sell at a Yard Sale - “Tis’ the Season” Items

    Seasonal Items

    If your sale is in the spring or summer, put patio furniture, summer clothing and garden and lawn equipment front and center. They are sure to be customer magnets.

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