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20 Fabulous and Famous Grandmas

See which celebrities are redefining the grandmother role

  • Jane Seymour
    William Callan/Getty Images

    Jane Seymour

    The one-time queen of the romantic miniseries, has six grown children and six grandchildren, who she sees often. In 2016, she told Closer Weekly that she once swore she’d never be one of those grandmothers who constantly gush about their grandchildren. But “you get so suckered in the minute that first grandchild comes along!” she said. “It almost seems more magical than when you had your own children.” At 66, the former Bond girl is still going strong. She’ll appear in The War with Grandpa alongside Robert De Niro, in early 2018. Known in large part for her leading role in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Seymour also won over fans as Elise McKenna in the time-travel romance Somewhere In Time.

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  • Blythe Danner, Actress, Gwyneth Paltrow, Look Who's A Grandma
    Getty Images

    Blythe Danner

    “My mom’s hot,” Danner’s daughter, Gwyneth Paltrow, told an interviewer, “and she didn’t want to be called Grandma.” So the grandkids call her Lalo. 

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  • Actress, Catherine Deneuve, Look Who's A Grandma
    AP Photo

    Catherine Deneuve

    The French actress has five grandchildren, ranging in age from about 7 to 27. She told the Daily Mail, “They certainly do not call me Grand-mama. I won’t tell you what they call me. It’s a short, very nice name, but it’s private.”

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  • Singer, Chaka Khan, Look Who's A Grandma
    Getty Images

    Chaka Khan

    The Grammy-winning funk/R&B songstress famous for ’80s hits including “I Feel For You” was granted permanent custody of her granddaughter, Daija Jade Holland, in 2011, when the girl was 10 and her parents were unable to care for her. In 2015 she shared a family picture on Facebook with the caption: "It's wonderful when I get to spend my downtime with my BEAUTIFUL grandkids!!! They call it 'Nana Day!' LOVE THEM!!!!"

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  • Goldie Hawn, Actress, Look Who's A Grandma
    Getty Images

    Goldie Hawn

    Daughter Kate Hudson has two sons, Bingham and Ryder, and her son Oliver has two boys and a girl. When the latest grandchild arrived, Hawn tweeted, “Welcome Rio! Our first baby girl to join our family!”

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  • Fashion Designer, Diane Von Furstenberg, Look Who's A Grandma
    Courtesy Diane von Furstenberg

    Diane von Furstenberg

    The designer’s gorgeous teen granddaughter Talita said that when she was a child her style-setting grandmother would give her “custom mini wrap dresses.” Von Furstenberg, who has two grown children, has four grandkids.

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  • Actress Rita Wilson, Colin Hanks, Look Who's A Grandma
    Getty Images

    Rita Wilson

    The actress, singer and producer has two kids with hubby Tom Hanks, and stepkids who are products of Hanks’ first marriage to Samantha Lewes. Here Wilson’s pictured with her stepson, Colin Hanks, who has two little ones. The couple has a third grandchild, born to their son Chet.

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  • Emmy Lou Harris, Singer, Musician, Look Who's A Grandma

    Emmylou Harris

    How cool would it be to have a grandma who’s a 13-time Grammy winner and legendary country rock singer/songwriter? Harris’ song “Goodnight Old World” from her 2011 album Hard Bargain was written as a lullaby to her baby granddaughter, Prudence.

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  • Kris Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Look Who's A Grandma
    Getty Images

    Kris Jenner

    She’s the doting grandma to the famous Kardashian siblings’ young children: Penelope, Mason, Reign, North, Saint West and Dream. Jenner reportedly refuses the Grandma moniker; she wants the kids to call her Lovie.

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  • Tina Knowles, Beyonce Mother, Look Who's A Grandma

    Tina Knowles

    Beyonce’s stylish mother is Grandma to the pop star’s three children. Knowles has called being a grandmother “the second best job I’ve ever had.”

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  • Singer, Musician, Gladys Knight, Look Who's A Grandma
    Getty Images

    Gladys Knight

    The Grammy-winning soul singer, whose concerts often include the tribute tune “Grandma’s Hands,” has an expansive family. At last count, she had 16 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

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  • Kate Capshaw, Jessica Capshaw, Sasha Spielberg, Look Who's A Grandma
    Getty Images

    Kate Capshaw

    The actress who met hubby Steven Spielberg on the set of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) has a number of grandkids. Among them, four grandchildren from daughter Jessica Capshaw, who stars in Grey’s Anatomy.

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  • Jessica Lange
    Miller Mobley/August Images

    Jessica Lange

    The Oscar-winning star wrote a 2013 children’s book, It’s About a Little Bird, that began as a hand-bound gift for her granddaughters (whose mom is Aleksandra, Lange’s daughter with Mikhail Baryshnikov). The story centers around two sisters visiting their grandmother’s farm.

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  • Actress, Diahann Carroll, Look Who's A Grandma

    Diahann Carroll

    The glamorous vixen on Dynasty — she played Dominique Devereaux — has two beloved grandkids. She once joked during a performance, “For those of you who don’t have grandchildren, get some. Get them on eBay if you have to.”

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  • Jane Fonda, Actress, Look Who's A Grandma
    Getty Images

    Jane Fonda

    The actress’ grandchildren are daughter Vanessa Vadim’s kids, Malcolm, 18, and Viva, 15. Friends were surprised Fonda wanted to be called Grandma, she’s said, rather than a more modern name. “But I like Grandma. I like being a grandparent.”

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  • Sophia Loren, Actress, Look Who's A Grandma
    AP Photo

    Sophia Loren

    The Italian film icon, 82, has four grandchildren, two from each of her two sons. She told ET News in 2013 she’s not interested in a new romance, but "now I'm falling in love with my grandchildren and I'm very happy about it."

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  • Priscilla Presley, Grandmother, Look Who's A Grandma
    AP Photo

    Priscilla Presley

    Daughter Lisa Marie Presley has two grown kids (including actress Riley Keough) and young twin girls. Elvis would have been their granddaddy. “We love doing things together,” Priscilla said in an interview around 2014.

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  • Martha Stewart
    Jennifer Livingston/Trunk Archive

    Martha Stewart

    The domestic diva has a 6-year-old granddaughter, Jude, and toddler grandson, Truman. Grandmas can be excused for bragging, right? Stewart told People, "The little girl is a genius, speaking Spanish and English, [and] she's going into Mandarin now."

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  • Susan Sarandon
    Ryan Pfluger/The New York Times/Redux

    Susan Sarandon

    At 70, Susan Sarandon has two grandchildren. Her daughter, Eva Amurri Martino, gave birth to a baby boy named Major James in late 2016. Martino also has a daughter, Marlowe Mae. Sarandon has said that she doesn’t like to be called Grandma, preferring instead to be called Honey. But she loves doting on her grandkids, often commenting about how it’s so much easier to be a grandparent than a parent. Sarandon will next appear in “A Bad Moms Christmas,” a comedy also starring Mila Kunis that’s set to be released in November.

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  • Gloria Estefan
    Eccles/August Images

    Gloria Estefan

    The Cuban-American singing sensation became a first-time grandmother in June 2012 when her son, Nayib, and his wife welcomed their son Sasha Argento Estefan-Coppola to the world. “I am in love with my grandson!” Estefan, 60, told Celebrity Baby Scoop. "He is quite a blessing, and it makes me very happy to see the relationship he shares with my son who is an amazing father.” 

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