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Virtual Screenings

‘Jews of the Wild West’ (Documentary)

‘Jews of the Wild West’ is a feature-length documentary completed in December 2021. The independent not-for-profit project is produced by Electric Yolk Media and directed by award-winning filmmaker Amanda Kinsey. Through on-camera interviews, compelling footage and historical photographs, the film tells the positive immigration story and highlights the dynamic contributions Jewish Americans made to shaping the Western United States

‘Keeper of Time’ (Documentary)

From a quaint snow-covered workshop in Switzerland to the historic charm of Prague’s medieval astronomical clock, ‘Keeper of Time’ sweeps across the world exploring the artisanal craft of mechanical watchmaking. Through the lives of the world’s most-revered horologists, ‘Keeper of Time’ reveals the history of mankind’s unending pursuit for precision and exquisite beauty. All the while, we discover our own personal relationship with time, aging and mortality living within these intricate hand-made objects. Time is life

‘The Lost Weekend: A Love Story’ (Documentary)

John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s personal assistant, May Pang, recounts her 18-month relationship with John — a relationship orchestrated by Yoko herself. During this extraordinary period, May helped John reunite with his son Julian and participated firsthand in his most productive period post-Beatles in which he released albums like ‘Mind Games,’ ‘Walls and Bridges,’ and collaborated with powerhouses like David Bowie and Elton John. Pang lovingly recounts her life in rock n’ roll and the whirlwind 18 months spent as friend, lover and confidante to one of the towering figures of popular culture, John Lennon, in this funny, touching and vibrant portrait of first love

‘Long Gone Wild’ (Documentary)

‘Long Gone Wild’ focuses on the plight of captive orcas, picking up where the acclaimed documentary ‘Blackfish’ left off while telling a uniquely new and different story. The killer whale is once again under siege, hunted for sale into the exploding marine theme park industry. This film brings light to an in-depth look at the case against captivity, the Whale Sanctuary Project and the fight against the threat of live-hunting as activists go on a stealth mission to China in search of nine orcas being held at a secret location

‘The Burial’ (Docu-Drama | Based on real life events)

Inspired by true events, a lawyer helps a funeral home owner save his family business from a corporate behemoth. In a move to bring resonance to a dry case, the lawyer digs up a complex web of race, power and oppression that forces everyone to examine prejudices