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Diane Keaton on Her Leading Men

The award-winning actress spills the tea on some of Hollywood’s finest A-list actors

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    On Robert De Niro

    “I remember seeing him at the Chateau Marmont when he was playing in The Godfather II and thinking, God, will he ever even think of going out with me? Of course not.

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    On Jack Nicholson

    “I’m still friends with Jack. And look at him!  He’s a beauty. He never really got the proper due for his great Irish face.”  

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    On Steve Martin

    “I think he’s a bit of a genius. He’s so full of life.” 

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    On Mel Gibson

    “He was so exciting to kiss! He already had, like, five kids, and I remember him saying to me, ‘You’d better get married soon if you’re going to have kids.’ I was, like, 39 at the time, and he was, like, 22.”

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    On Warren Beatty

    “It took so long to make Reds — a full year of my life. We kind of broke up during the movie. It was difficult in the sense that he likes to do a lot, lot, lot of takes. He was so passionate about it and such a perfectionist. He was driven!”

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    On Richard Gere

    “I really tried hard to make him my boyfriend, but he had no interest in me.”

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    On Al Pacino

    “He was part of my life for a while. How can I say anything bad about Al? It just feels like it’s too much for me. I’ve got to pass on that one.”

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— As told to Meg Grant

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