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Cover Story Stars

Celebrities who’ve appeared on the front of "Rolling Stone" and "AARP The Magazine"

  • Bruce Springsteen
    Justin T. Gellerson; Rolling Stone: Aaron Rapoport; AARP: Larry Busacca/Wireimage/Getty Images

    Bruce Springsteen

    What a difference 25 years makes! From a headband-rocking Bruce Springsteen to a guitar-rocking “Boss” in a button-down, the musician appeared on the Dec. 6, 1984, issue of Rolling Stone, and then on the September/October 2009 cover of AARP The Magazine.

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  • Cyndi Lauper
    Justin T. Gellerson; Rolling Stone: Richard Avedon; AARP: Jim Wright

    Cyndi Lauper

    With more than 50 million in global record sales, Cyndi Lauper has come a long way since appearing on the May 24, 1984, cover of Rolling Stone. She later spotlighted her life and career in a cover story for the August/September 2016 issue of AARP The Magazine.

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  • Dolly Parton
    Justin T. Gellerson; Rolling Stone: Richard Avedon; AARP: Patrick Murphy-Racey

    Dolly Parton

    About 30 years passed between these two cover story appearances by Dolly Parton. The country music legend appeared in Rolling Stone on Dec. 11, 1980, then in the May/June 2009 edition of AARP The Magazine.

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  • Harrison Ford
    Justin T. Gellerson; Rolling Stone: Bill King; AARP: Timothy White

    Harrison Ford

    Highlighting the success of Harrison Ford’s film Raiders of the Lost Ark, Rolling Stone featured him in its June 25, 1981, publication. Thirty years later, at age 68, the actor and producer was the subject of the July/August 2011 cover story in AARP The Magazine, talking about how his work is never done.

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  • Jack Nicholson
    Justin T. Gellerson; Rolling Stone: Albert Watson; AARP: Sam Jones

    Jack Nicholson

    Known for playing the bad boy in many of his films, Jack Nicholson eventually managed to get cast in a few “nicer” guy roles. Over his 60-year acting career, he’s appeared on many covers, including Rolling Stone on April 19, 1981, and the March/April 2008 cover of AARP The Magazine.

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  • Kevin Costner
    Justin T. Gellerson; Rolling Stone: Gwendolen Cates; AARP: Jim Wright

    Kevin Costner

    The words under Kevin Costner’s name on the Nov. 29, 1990, issue of Rolling Stone pretty much sum up this man: “An American Classic.” Then, about 25 years later, he opened up to AARP about what he loves most. His in-depth interview appeared as the magazine’s December 2014/January 2015 cover story.

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  • Meryl Streep
    Justin T. Gellerson; Rolling Stone: Annie Leibovitz; AARP: Jim Trachtenberger

    Meryl Streep

    In a unique photo taken by Annie Leibovitz for the Oct. 15, 1981, Rolling Stone cover, Meryl Streep’s face is nearly covered in mime-like white makeup. The photographer said it was done that way because at the time Streep felt awkward about having her portrait taken. In the years that followed, the actress didn’t shy away from the camera, as seen in the July/August 2012 cover of AARP The Magazine with her Hope Springs costar Tommy Lee Jones.

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  • Michael J. Fox
    Justin T. Gellerson; Rolling Stone: Deborah Feingold; AARP: Jeff Lipsky

    Michael J. Fox

    From rock star to health advocate, Michael J. Fox has shared a lot about his life on camera and off. The cover headline of the March 12, 1987, edition of Rolling Stone read “The Private Life of Michael J. Fox.” Thirty years later, the focus of the April/May 2017 cover story for AARP The Magazine was still his personal life — but this time he opened up about having lived with Parkinson’s disease for 26 years.

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  • Paul McCartney
    Justin T. Gellerson; Rolling Stone, Annie Leibovitz; AARP: Chris Floyd/Camera Press/Retina

    Paul McCartney

    Fresh off another Grammy win for his work with Wings, Beatles legend Paul McCartney appeared on the June 17, 1976, cover of Rolling Stone. His life took many twists and turns over the next 30 years, and he recapped it all for the May/June 2006 edition of AARP The Magazine.

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  • Susan Sarandon
    Justin T. Gellerson; Rolling Stone: Albert Watson, AARP: Jeff Lipsy

    Susan Sarandon

    In her 1981 Rolling Stone cover story, she told America that she wanted to change her image. But we’re glad it didn’t actually change all that much. Since that appearance, she went on to star in The Witches of Eastwick and Bull Durham and win an Oscar for Dead Man Walking. The actress, whom so many have followed and loved for decades, is still going strong, as detailed in the February/March 2014 issue of AARP The Magazine.

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