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100 Movies for Grownups

By Bill Newcott

Book Description

Finally: An end to the old complaint “There’s nothing to watch!” Since 2002, AARP’s Movies for Grownups has been celebrating movies with special appeal for the 50+ audience through online reviews, film festivals, private member screenings, social media and a weekly TV series. Now, in the first-ever Movies for Grownups book, MFG creator Bill Newcott selects the 100 essential films for those who demand more of their movies than an occasional car crash. 

You’ll find lots of favorites old and new, plus every film that has ever won the coveted Chaise d’Or Trophy for the year’s Best Movie for Grownups, chosen by the editors of AARP the Magazine. Then there are the hidden gems — films you may never have heard of, but ones you’ll never forget once you see them, thanks to this comprehensive, concisely written collection.


"Oh!  What a wonderful list. Bill Newcott's top 100 makes you want to curl up with a stack of DVD's and revisit Hollywood's best." — Arch Campbell, Broadcast Film Critics Association, 12-time Emmy winner and Critic at Large for WNEW-FM

"Bill Newcott's 100 Must-See Movies For Grown Ups is a treasure trove of sterling and often delightfully offbeat recommendations for discerning moviegoers, from the beginnings of film right up the present. Newcott's light-fingered mini-reviews are models of the form. I read through this book in a state of rapt happiness as I recalled all the riches Newcott describes so well." — Peter Rainer, author of Rainer on Film: Thirty Years of Film Writing in a Turbulent and Transformative Era,  film critic for the Christian Science Monitor and former chairman of the National Society of Film Critics