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'Love After 50: How to Find It, Enjoy It, and Keep It'

A comprehensive and intimate guide to love after 50 — the best kind of love there is


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Studies keep showing that love after 50 is more satisfying than love at any other time in life, and it makes sense. At this stage, you are more emotionally stable and more focused on the present; you know what you absolutely have to have but also what you can live without; partnering is no longer about building family and fortune — it’s about sharing intimacy as grounded individuals. And sex isn’t pass/fail anymore but about becoming erotic friends.

So if this is the promised land, how do you get there?

In Love After 50, journalist Francine Russo interviewed the top experts in the field and dozens of couples to help show the way. Her practical advice includes:

  • How to recover from the emotional damage of divorce, the grief of widowhood or a history of unfulfilling relationships
  • How to build realistic requirements for a partner
  • What attitudes to bring to dating
  • How to overcome the physical challenges of sex and embrace your erotic selves
  • How to evaluate the financial, emotional and practical results of marrying, living together or living apart
  • How to deal with (hostile) adult kids to safeguard your relationship and family

Love After 50 is not only practical, it is unassuming and candid. It is full of stories of real people (including the author’s own), with vivid examples of couples who have overcome their pasts to form healthy and nurturing partnerships. In other words, it’s as real as love after 50 can be.