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Drive Smart: How to Stay Safe — and Save Money


Book Description

Driving isn’t what it used to be. Today you’re facing new rules of the road, distracted drivers and updated technologies — entertainment and GPS navigation systems, ringing cellphones and beeping texts — that demand you take your eyes from the road, despite the hazards.

That’s why AARP Driver Safety — the program that offers the nation’s first and largest driver improvement course for drivers age 50 and older — offers Drive Smart: How to Stay Safe — and Save Money.

This e-book provides expert advice on today’s traffic rules, driving conditions, vehicle technologies and the dangers presented by other drivers. You’ll find:

  • More than 125 tips to refresh your knowledge of the rules of the road
  • Recommendations to help you save money on auto insurance, fuel and other driving-related expenses
  • Strategies to help you avoid distractions, drive safely in inclement weather and recognize when it may be time for a loved one to stop driving

Drive Smart: How to Stay Safe — and Save Money provides valuable information to help you keep safe behind the wheel.