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Better Sex: AARP's Guide to Sex After 50

By Dr. Pepper Schwartz

Book Description

Study after study has shown that sex is highly correlated to happiness and health — for adults of all ages. Why should aging make us give that up?

Dr. Pepper Schwartz has the answers. Her career as a sex expert has ranged from founding a support group in her home as an adolescent to appearing on national television. Now an expert on the hit TV show Married at First Sight, a professor at the University of Washington and the author or coauthor of 22 books on the topic, Dr. Schwartz teaches you how to have the best sex ever, and answers all those questions you've been wondering about:

  • How many climaxes is normal?
  • What do I do if sex just isn't working anymore?
  • What are the best grownup steamy movies?
  • How can I get around medical conditions such as backaches, low testosterone and knee replacement surgery?
  • STDs and condoms — really? At my age?

A blogger and writer for AARP, Dr. Schwartz specializes in all topics related to relationships and sex. No question is too embarrassing for Dr. Schwartz, and no answer is taboo. In this book, she'll show you how your dialogues about sex can mature alongside you, bringing you more happiness, better health — and better sex