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Your Body


Book Description

What’s normal aging—and what’s not? YOUR BODY brings together the latest information and insights to help you understand what to expect as you grow older. Drawing from AARP’s extensive network of experts and resources, this illustrated, concise volume contains practical solutions that you can easily apply to your life today for a better tomorrow. You’ll discover what is part of the normal aging process and when you may need to seek professional help. Most important, you’ll learn how to stay fit and sharp with tips, such as:

  • Ways to manage stress

  • How to get a good night’s sleep

  • The latest science on diet and exercise

  • Which vaccines and surgeries can be beneficial and which to avoid

  • How to get the most out of your doctors’ visits

  • The latest technology to take control of your health

With YOUR BODY, you’ll learn the secrets to live longer, better, and healthier, starting now.