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3 Ways to Cool Your Home More Affordably This Summer

Strategies to help you save money and stay comfortable

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Higher temperatures are a given during the warm summer months. And keeping your home cool and comfortable can lead to higher utility bills. That’s why it’s essential to save money by making efficient use of the air conditioning system in your home. Here’s how.

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Keep cool air in and warm air out

You can easily save money on cooling your home by installing materials that help your home maintain its ideal temperature. For example, room-darkening shades can block the hot summer sun from warming a room. Similarly, UV-blocking film on windows reduces the transmission of heat, while also preventing your furniture from fading.

Be sure to check areas of your house where cool air might be escaping. Are there gaps around your windows and doors? What about holes that might contribute to air leaks from things like cable wires? Take the time to seal these areas with weather stripping or caulking. You’ll be surprised at how much more efficiently you can cool your home as a result.

Improve air-flow

Remember what you learned in science class: Hot air rises, while cold air sinks. In summer, your upstairs’ levels might be significantly warmer than your ground floor or basement, even when the A/C is working overtime.

Strategically install and use fans to maximize cool air circulation throughout your home. For example, install an attic fan to draw hot air up and out of the house. Or, use ceiling fans and floor fans to better distribute cool air. Be sure to flip the switch on your ceiling fans so they turn counterclockwise – creating a downward, cooling breeze.

If your home is using a single-zone air-conditioning system, you might consider switching to a smart, multi-zone system so you can create climate zones. This lets you set specific temperatures in different areas of the home – cooler temps for the kitchen, while the unused guest room is a tad warmer. Today’s smart thermostats support comfort automation that provides energy savings, too.

For example, the Trane ComfortLink™ ll XL1050 Smart Thermostat combines zoning technology and a home automation hub to personalize your energy use. It also offers real-time diagnostics to help monitor your energy efficiency and can alert your Trane dealer if there is an issue.

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Maintain and update your air conditioning system

As the saying goes, work smarter, not harder – that applies to air conditioning, too. If you currently have window units, not central air, consider upgrading to newer and more efficient units. If you have central A/C that’s more than 15 years old, replacing it could be a savvy way to save.

Additionally, regular maintenance and check-ups can help you feel confident that your system is operating well. Change or clean your air filter at least every three months. Ensure your ductwork is sound and leak-free. Have your system serviced regularly by a professional. This kind of preventive maintenance can save hundreds of dollars (or more) each year.

When replacing your HVAC, a variable speed system can improve both efficiency and comfort. The Trane XV20i TruComfort™ Variable Speed Air Conditioner’s airflow ramps up and down based on your home’s needs, providing 750 stages of comfort. Plus, it’s rated up to 22 SEER, providing the ultimate climate control and maximum efficiency. A new air conditioning system will require upfront costs, but the additional energy efficiency can save you money on monthly utility bills.

The temperatures are rising. Now’s the time to think about how you’ll keep cool this summer without unnecessary costs. As America’s Most Trusted® HVAC Brand1 for eight years in a row, Trane Residential is the leading provider in reliable, energy-efficient solutions, like smart thermostats and variable-speed air conditioners. Experts are on hand to help you determine whether replacing an old air conditioner could improve your home’s energy usage.

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1Trane received the highest numerical score in the proprietary Lifestory Research America’s Most Trusted® HVAC Brand study for years 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022. Study results are based on experiences and perceptions of people surveyed. Your experiences may vary. Visit