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How an IRA Can Help You Retire and Inspire

Even one retirement contribution can help create a greener tomorrow

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If you’re looking for ways to use your money to help create positive change while saving for retirement, the right mutual fund can help you align your investments with your values. That’s because mutual funds pool money together from a group of investors – and when the fund invests in companies with high environmental and social standards, your individual contribution supports those efforts.

Invest in the right mutual fund, and you become more than an investor. You become part of a community of caring individuals who come together to seek to make an impact based on shared values. In other words, you become an impact investor – one who understands that the secret to making a big impact is small.

Impact investors seek a greener future – for themselves and for others

If you’re an impact investor, you care not only about investment returns, but also how those returns are made. Impact investing is where commerce meets compassion. These investments aim to reinforce a better world for both the planet and the people in it. It’s an approach that includes applying standards to all investment portfolios; contributing to the creation of positive change in companies; and investing in communities to help fill gaps left by traditional finance.

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Ask these questions to ensure your investment makes an impact

Can your investment really have a meaningful impact? It’s okay to wonder about this. How much impact you make depends on how high the investment standards are that guide the fund’s research and investments. You’ll want to know: how do the fund managers evaluate the companies they choose to invest in? Do their standards reflect the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals?*

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Retire and inspire a greater and greener world

Another consideration is the specific companies the fund invests in. They should be businesses that uphold strict environmental and social standards. The fund should exclude companies focused on firearms, oil, natural gas, nuclear, coal and uranium mining, for-profit prisons, tobacco, alcohol, or gambling.

The fund should also feature a diversified stock portfolio. The goal is long-term total return consistent with the promotion of universal human dignity and ecological sustainability. The fund allows investors to pursue their financial objectives and use their investments to seek to create a fairer and more viable world.

Domini Impact Investments is dedicated to high ethical standards. They evaluate the degree to which businesses are aligned with investors’ goals, the strength of their stakeholder relations, and alignment with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.*

It’s worth searching for an investment firm that fits your values. At women-led Domini Impact Investments, investing for good is the main goal – made with the intention to generate positive, measurable environmental and social impact while inspiring better futures – most importantly, yours.

The Domini Funds are not insured, are subject to certain risks, and are available only to US investors by prospectus offer. Call 1-800-225-3863 for a prospectus containing this and other important information. Please review full legal disclosure here. You may lose money. DSIL Investment Services LLC (DSIL) distributor 1/22.